Tis the season when many people begin to plan their next summer vacation.  We would like to tell you why you should choose a Flyin Fishing Trip with Amik Outposts.

Amik Outposts is located in the most pristine and untouched part of Northwestern Ontario.  Most of our lakes are the head of the watershed that runs into the Severn River that winds its way to Hudson’s Bay.   Clean water, pure air, and a natural experience like no other.  Most of these lakes first had outposts built on them between 1985 and 1992 by my Father, Wayne.  Since then we have had a “No Trophy Policy”  on this untouched gene pool, only eating fish under the slot size to allow room for the larger fish to thrive and spawn as they have since the beginning of time.  We feel fortunate to be able to have access to this great land that not many people get the opportunity to see.

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The Fishing!  Fishing on our lakes is superb.  These bodies of water are best described as widening of the rivers.  Generally long skinny lakes, many bays with good weed beds, adjacent to deep water.  This combined with the untouched gene pool you have the perfect environment for a Trophy Fishery!  The fish in these lakes are on the bite all summer long.  The only thing that changes is the depth you will be fishing them in.  In May and June, walleyes will be in 3-6 feet of water, as the season moves through July they head down to 10-15 feet.  By the time August and September arrive the bulk of your fish may be caught in 20-25 feet generally speaking.  Dealing with nature these depths may not always hold true,  that is why it essential at any time of year to bring along a portable depth finder.  You will catch plenty of fish without one, but you will catch a lot more fish if each boat has one!!


We call our lakes Trophy Lakes because that’s what they are!  Our conservation policy has ensured a deep gene pool and catching a trophy fish is normal at Amik Outposts, not the exception.  Please take a stroll around our website,  you will notice that all of our pictures are dated and recent.  We feel that our fishing is simply the best!



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We have many faithful guests who fished with other outfitters and stayed with them for many years even though the outfitter wasn’t very good.  Stories of having no gas or propane, no screens on the windows, waiting on the dock for 2 days because the outfitter forgot about you, and so on.  Many of our guests have commented on our attitude at Amik Outposts, they say we care.  That is the easiest way to sum it up.  We do care.  We want you to have the best time of your life and we do all the little things the same for each and every camp and each and every guest.  We will go above and beyond to show you the best vacation each and every time.


Rena and I (John) have been with Amik Outposts since 1994.  We were 19 years old and had a 5 day old baby and we needed a job.  My parents were running a lodge and our most of our existing outposts.  We came for the summer…… and never left.  Our time in the north has never felt like a job, it is simply what we do.  When you walk through the door at Amik Outposts, you will feel the difference.


Rena is the hub of our operation, taking care of every detail of your trip prior to arriving in Red Lake, from groceries and beverage orders, fishing licences, flight planning and pretty much anything you need help with planning your trip.  Once arriving in Red Lake she will give you an orientation on the camp and a few pointers on what and what not to do while you are out in the bush.  After your fantastic vacation she will be the first smiling face ready to greet you when you get off the airplane and ask how you made out.  Taking notes on the large fish you caught, any problems you may have encountered and taking any suggestions on how we can improve your experience.

I have flown my entire career working for Amik Outposts.  Logging thousands of hours flying around the Canadian Shield, I know this area like the back of my hand.  Growing  up on a farm, I have always longed for wide open spaces and flying in the bush with nothing but clear sky in front of me has given me great satisfaction.  Of the 21 years of flying in the bush, not one has felt like a job. Of course the flying is just a small portion of what it takes to be a good outfitter.  Having a broad knowledge of everything is key to having a smooth running operation.  From outboard motors, solar power, carpentry, dock building, plumbing, these are just of a few of the hats I get to wear  in this business.  Once you set foot in the Otter, I will safely take you to your outpost, mark you a map, check and explain the operation of the outboard motors, and ensure everything is running properly around the camp.  Once that Otter leaves the dock, the good times begin!!!

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So if you are trying to decide which outfitter will be your first,looking for a new outfitter because you have had enough of the problems or are simply looking for better fishing, please give Amik Outposts some serious consideration.  We have great organization, smooth running camps, our own aircraft with an experienced pilot and lakes with tons of Trophy Fish!  There is no need to look anywhere else.