Our bait supplier has run out of leeches early this year and we cannot get them in Red Lake.  We have contacted some of the bigger bait shops along your route and they are happy to take your order directly.  You would have to stop on your way up and pick it up yourself.  I don’t know prices but they said they had a good supply for the rest of the season.

Fort Frances: Rainy Lake Sports, Phone:(807) 274-6429

Vermillion Bay: Bobby’s Corner (Shell station) Phone:(807) 227-2099

Ear Falls: 4 Seasons Bait Shop Phone:(807) 222-2200

There are other bait shops along the way but these are the ones I have talked to.  They can help you with crawlers and leeches.  

If you would like frozen minnows as bait we do have those at our base in Red Lake, we can also get you live minnows if you are going to Jeanette Lake or Darkwater Lake.