At Amik Outposts we do our best to show your party the trip of a lifetime everytime you visit us.  This includes sending in a cooler of ice with you for drinks and to help keep beverages cool.  Everyone loves this and we try to send at least one cooler in with each party.  There is a responsibilty on your part also.  You cannot expect us to send in a cooler or 2 of ICE if you show up with more than your allotted 100 pounds per person of gear which includes all of the items you want to take in with you,  (beverages/food/tackle/bait/clothing/sleeping bag).  Please be diligent and weigh your gear at home before heading up to see us. Here are a few tips on packing for your trip.

We also have had a number of requests regarding the use of a Satellite phone.  The Sat phones we provide at each lake are for you to call us if there is a problem or emergency at the camp while you are there.  There is a company called Roadpost that will ship you a Iridium Sat phone prior to your trip if you wish to call home or work while you are at a remote Outpost.  Here is the link if you would like more information.  Roadpost Sat phones

Unless you really need to call home, the Bush should be your oasis from the world.  Leave the technology at home.  It will not only save you on weight… it is good for your soul, being out there listening to the silence.  We are about Trophy Fishing but also we are about providing a place for you to slow down and focus on the simple things.  Remember you are on vacation.