I can feel the sun gaining more power everyday!  Our days have gotten much longer and it is begining to warm up.  Temperatures are normal,  -15 to 20 at night but almost melting during the day.  Spring is not far away.  We also have lots of snow, around 3 feet and we have not gotten through the snowiest part of the winter yet.  Water up north last fall was low so I hope to see perfect levels in the spring. The sun is becomes higher in the sky quickly in the North during February.  Here is picture at 5pm, a month ago it was dark out at 5.  Dusty continues to be out on the lake everyday that I am.  She loves it out there.  More on the nice days,  just like us!!



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Dusty has grown a lot.  Eating frozen fish heads gives her plenty of protein.


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The longer days also means we are getting closer to next fishing season!  The Trophy Fish have been resting and eating, getting bigger and bigger for you to catch again.  Thats the beauty of having a pristine fishery that has an unharmed gene pool.  Many of these monsters have never been caught before and many have been caught and released to get bigger to give someone else the experience of a lifetime.


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Amik Outposts will be attending the Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis March 21 to 24.  Come on down to see John and Rena, to say hi or book a trip for the 2013 season.  They are always happy to see a familiar face and to make new friends.