We have many types of fishermen.  Some are true walleye fishermen that like to jig and be near the bottom.  This type of fisherman will catch hundreds upon hundreds of fish and quite often will hook and land a Trophy Pike!  This can happen at almost any time of year.  But a True Northern Pike fisherman will cast all day, working the bays and windswept shorelines.  It takes a lot out of you but is worth the effort when you catch Tons of Trophies!!

People always ask, “When is the best time to catch Big Pike?”  If you want to catch lots of Big Fish, you need to come at the end of May.  Closer to ice out the better.  Post spawn Pike occupy every warm weedy bay, basking in the sun, feeding like alligators, hungry after the long winter under 4 feet of ice.  We have a few dates still available for the 2013 season.

Dark Water Lake May 26-June 2

Loree Lake May 24-30

Vee Lake May 24-31

Cobham Daniel May 26-June 1

Cherrington Bay June 1-8

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Here are a few that were caught and released last year in May.john blogyjohn blog

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