The last fishermen are in the bush and they all be done by mid-week next week.  The season seems to last forever but is gone in a flash.  It seems like so long ago that we were sleeping in a tent building a cabin from scratch  on Dark Water Lake, but as quick as you can snap your fingers it is over and the north wind blew for 2 days and fall blew in.  There was countless geese headed southwest towards Manitoba, ready to be shot at all the way down.  Moose season is right around the corner!  🙂

The Kidder party varied from Findlay lake this fall and decided to try fishing the Cobham River.  They have plenty of experience on northern Lakes and had no issues on the Cobham.  Lonnie caught the fish of the trip on his last day there.  A 29.5 inch monster walleye!!  And in the same spot on the same day, Chuck caught a 27 inch walleye.

Vee Lake had some first time flyin guys.  The Stylos party had a great time on their first trip to the bush.  Walleyes in the morning and speed trolling for Big Pike the rest of the day.  They found a few honey holes with deep weeds and caught lots of fish.  Numerous mid 35 to 38 inch pike and a nice fat 42 inch trophy pike was the biggest.  They commented on how it was nice to be here for the end of summer and the beginning of winter as the temperature changed 40 degrees in 2 days.

There are a number of groups left out there but I am heading up to close camps, put a new roof on Cobham Morley, catch a few fish, and then chase the wiley moose for a few weeks.  A month of long days is ahead but I will love every minute of it!!!  Spending the entire rut with the moose!


Here are a some pictures of the big walleye caught last week on the Cobham River from the Kidder party.

john blog

The big ones came to life in the last few days in less than 20 feet of water on the Cobham.

john blog

Chuck wrestled this 27 incher in on the same spot!