We recieved this great letter from one of our first time guests.  Being on a remote lake all by yourself is truly something special.  Every once in awhile I see some of our guests who forget that they are on vacation.  Sit back and relax, the fishing is a bonus.  If you enjoy fishing hard, take the time when the fishing slows to listen to the silence, the loons and the wind.  Every year I spend up here, I enjoy it more, if that is possible.

Thanks for the kind words Colin.

“Good Morning Rena,

While we are physically back down in the deep South of
Georgia, our minds and hearts are still with you and John in Red Lake. From
the moment we arrived at your base camp you two made us feel completely at
home and it was as if we had known each other for a lifetime.

Our trip with Amik Outposts was a great adventure for Cliff and I. Starting
with our plane ride out to Shear Stone in your beautiful plane, it was
almost like a fantasy. Every detail was accounted for by you and John. The
cabin and lake were almost surreal. Something one usually sees in a
magazine, but never dreams of actually seeing in person. I can’t begin to
describe what it was like for us to be lulled to sleep by the sounds of the
lake loons and to awake to the sight of the sun rising over the lake the
next morning. We were actually somewhat nervous that we had come so far,
1,500 miles to be exact, and would not be able to catch a single fish. Well
that fear soon vanished. From the moment we cast our lines we caught Walleye
after Walleye and the Pike were ferocious. It seemed as if no matter what
lure we cast, it worked. We even invented a new lure by combining parts of
several others. It looked like we were throwing the kitchen sink at them and
they attacked it every time. My home lake is Lake Sidney Lanier just North
of Atlanta, Georgia. It is said to be one of the most visited and busiest
lakes in the country. While we were there, every time we came out of a cove
onto the main lake I would look both ways and behind our boat to make sure
there wasn’t another boat coming only to remember that we were the only
people there. To be on a 10,000 acre lake all alone is like a dream. We both
thank you Rena and John for making our trip one to remember. We will be back
and next time we will bring friends.

Colin McRae, Jr.”

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john blog