Hi guys,

After seeing your website I felt I had to redeem myself. This is the picture of my 26″ walleye. Nobody brought their camera that day except for Dave and you were unable to get his pictures off his camera card. It is hard to see by the angle at which this picture was taken but the head of this fish was huge. Feel free to add this picture to the bottom of that page under my baby walleye 🙂
Just wanted to say thanks again, I wasn’t able to make it up on a flyin for the past couple years. I got deployed to Egypt for a year and then the timing just didnt quite work out in my favor. My dad started taking me up to Canada when I was 8 and always on a flyin and this was BY FAR the best trip I have every been on. I have a lot of good pictures that I had taken on my phone. Just let me know if you want me to email them to you.

See you next year for another wonderful trip,



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