We have had plenty of wives and daughters/ grand daughters join the boys for fishing trips so far this season.  Some of our groups joke about how they tell their wives at home that they are “roughing it” when they come and fish with us.  If you have ever seen our camps, you know first hand that it is far from being rough.  All the ammenities of home, except that it is on your own private lake many miles away from the last road.  Generally as mid-June comes, we have lots of families and couples venturing in to the bush for a little relaxation and a lot of fishing, or sometimes a little fishing and a lot of relaxation.

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Betty Peters is our longest running female guest. She and her husband Jim have been fishing with us for ever. They have brought many new people over the years, showing them how good the fishing is on our lakes.

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Betty and Jim brought their grand daughter Kayla this year. She had an awesome time! Never had she caught fish like this!

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Lisa K. is another fisherwoman who loves to be in the pristine widerness. She keeps her crew in line when they are in the bush!!!

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Elaine and Frank went to Loree lake for their 34th wedding anniversary. While fishing one day Elaine said" Honey, I am hung...back up." Frank replied "I don't think you are hung up, otherwise that tree is swimming!" Here is her snag!!

Many of the women who come up bring a book to read or plan on relaxing around camp while the guys are out fishing.  The book reading usually gets left out.  Fishing is fun, but catching…now thats great!

The girls are usually pretty good about making it known that the guide/husband did a great job about landing their trophies, baiting hooks and un-snagging lines.  The North country is a special place.  Everyone enjoys it,  it is hard not to.

Here are a few other highlights from some of our groups that have had girls along.

Blackbirch.  Sanders party.  Amy has been coming up with us for at least 16 years.  This year they brought their daughter inlaw Abby.  She loved it up there.  Sitting on the dock fishing with a glass of wine one evening she caught many fish.  The biggest was a 24 inch walleye.

The Cashman group has also been with us for a long time, but this was the first year they brought their wives and daughter with them.  The girls figured they would be in camp reading quite a bit but the fishing was so good they spent all their time on the lake!

The Hanson group fished Jeanette and had Abbey along.  She is 10 years old and did her best to show up dad and grandpa.  She was all smiles on the way out sitting co-pilot beside me.

The Vincents just came back from Vee lake.  Char was the lone lady in the group but sure showed up the guys.  She caught the biggest northern and the biggest walleye.  Northern measured 37 inches and the walleye a nice 26 inches.

The Loree lake cabin is one of the best cabins in the North.  It has attracted many couples in 2012.  The Flagg party also consisted of couples.  They were indeed on vacation, the fishing was great but they needed a break from the sun.  During some of the hot weather, they just stayed in and had cocktails all day.  That is the nice thing about being at an outpost, you are on your own schedule and you can do what you like.  If you are not that mad at the fish, you don’t have to go fishing!