Fishing has been exceptional!  Walleyes are right up next to the weeds in about 6 feet of water.  Of course there is many fish caught in different depths but that is where the majority are right now, big and small.  I expect them to start to move out to deeper water anytime.  A change in weather is on its way.  But right now numbers are outstanding!

The Warren party, who are experienced outpost fishermen fished Findlay for the first time and said it was near the top for quality and numbers.  Sore hands! ” This is the 3rd lake of yours we have fished and they have all been awesome!”

Dark Water had the Sarnie Safari.  Arnie’s 29th year as a Lac Seul Airways guest.  Next year is a big one for Arnie.  30 years fishing with us, out lasting a number of owners, leaving nothing but a trail of sore mouthed fish, empty beer cans and countless good times.  This year was the year of the moose!  They saw 8 moose during their stay at Dark Water in 2012.  The fishing was good.  Plenty of walleye all over the  lake,  largest being a 23 incher.  Lots of mid-30 inch pike with a 38 incher being the biggest in that category.  Jeanette lake is the tentative place for Arnie’s 30th year celebration in 2013.

Vee lake had some experienced fishermen on it as well last week.  The Rogers party have been to many different outposts throughout the north and now they are bringing 3 generations.  Fishing was awesome!  Dylan had a 44″ pike, Dennis had a 41″ pike in addition to a few others in the 40 inch range that got away!!!  Penis cove was a great spot and the biggest pike came from the north end of the lake.

The Garrett party from Arkansas fished Blackbirch.  They are one of our most laid back groups.  They made a new friend while they were there.  Mr Jones the Bald Eagle followed them around everyday waiting for a fish to slip up.  “The only thing that exceeded our fishing trip was the hospitality.”

Jeanette Lake,  Loftus Party.  Mason loves fishing on Jeanette.   This year was his groups best yet.  One boat had 16 walleye over 22 inches during their 5 day trip to Jeanette.  Largest walleye was a monster 28″ and the largest pike was 42″.  Good times.

Cobham Morley had some pike hunters stay their last week.  The Rother party.  Having fished many of our lakes, these guys wanted to explore a new one.  The Cobham proved to satisfy them.  They are returning in 2013 to the Cobham.  Fishing their was very good.  40 pike over 30 inches for the trip.  Some of the notable big ones were a 40, 41, and a 41 3/4″ trophy pike.

Loree Lake had the Peters party return for their annual trip to this gem of the north.  1452 fish for 5 people in 7 days.  A little lower than other years but still a ton of fish to catch.  The largest walleye was caught by the rookie, David caught a fat 27 incher!

Shearstone lake had some returning fishermen as well.  The Willman family made their way back to their favorite lake.  Fishing was pretty crazy for them.  Lots of big fish this year and Don, the dad, was on fire.  He caught lots of big ones this year.  A 42″ and a 38″ pike were his biggest for the trip.  Seth caught some big ones as well, a 35 and 36 inch pike is a respectable second to the guy who pays the bill!

The Cobham River had our Manitoba boys fish there recently.  The Crew party.  They do like to party but they do like to fish as well.  They enjoyed the Cobham.  Fishing was crazy at times.  They caught a 29 inch walleye….twice.  Same spot, an hour and a half later.  The average fish was large.  Hungry pike were amongst the schools of walleyes.  Lots of attacks and the largest ones landed were a 39, 37.5, 36, 35.5 inch pike.  There was another sighting of the MONSTER!  A 48-50 inch pike again was brought up to the boat!  But he got away….

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Jeanette Lake has some woodland caribou that live around the cabin. They seem to be very tame this year.

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A Jeanette Lake Monster walleye!


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Cobham Lake Trophy Pike. Del looks happy doesn't he?