Fishing has been great through the hot weather we have been having.  There has been a couple of rains to calm the forest fires down up north which continue to burn but are not raging, just throwing up some smoke.  July is family time it seems at Amik Outposts.  Breaks in school and sports brings many families up to for a family vacation.  Click on the link below to check out our Family Package.

We offer a Family Package to Jeanette, Shearstone and also at our newest outpost, Dark Water Lake.

 Northern Pike fisherman vs Walleye Fisherman

Recently we had back to back families fish on Jeanette Lake.  Our lakes produce some very nice trophy fish.  Here are some pictures from the Williams party who were mainly Pike fishermen and this was their first flyin trip. john blog

john blog

When it gets hot in the remote wilderness, a jump in the lake is the best way to cool off.

john blog john blog john blog

john blog

Thanks for the pictures Mark.

When I picked up the Williams family, I dropped off the Selchow family.  This was their second trip with us but first time on Jeanette.  Doug and Rachel have been flyin fishing for many trips and this was the kids second trip.  They are very good fishers, as you can see from the pictures they know how to catch them!  Walleyes are mainly their target.   It makes sense when they usually fish 4 people in the boat!  They caught some big ones.  Jeanette lake is a bullet proof lake if you have any fishing experience at all.  Everyone comes out from that lake with smiles!!


john blog john blog john blog john blog john blog john blog

In keeping with the family theme of today’s blog post,  Bruce and Debbie had their Grandson last week and took him to fish on Dark Water Lake.  Easton has a natural ability for catching fish.  Easton is 6 years old.  He caught 12 fish in a short days fishing and 2 of them were 25 inchers!!  It is great to see the sparkle in his eyes as he is telling the stories about the fish he caught.  You can’t help but smile.

john blog

Here is a picture of one of Easton's 25 inch walleye's

john blog

Easton's first fish of the day! "I got him Grandpa!"