There has been a lot happening here at Amik Outposts.  We have been full to capacity, doing our best to keep our fishermen moved in and out of the bush as timely as possible.  As of today, everyone has been moved on the day they were scheduled to go in or out, sometimes a little late but safely moved. The fishing has been better than ever!  Most of our guests are long time customers and have fished our lakes numerous times.  It seems when it is warm and sunny, fishing is great, when it is rainy and cooler, fishing is unbelievable!  I have had more than one experienced fisherman tell me that the fishing has never been better.  Here is a picture of the summary of one boat from the Cobham.  These numbers are not inflated and are accurate.   The longer we are in this business and talk to fishermen who have fished all over and we are coming to find out “We have the best fishing lakes!”  Fishing is fun….catching is more fun! john blog

If you are not one of our guests, what are you waiting for?