We have been very busy here in the North.  Lots of fishermen moving to and from the bush.  Here are the highlights from our Trophy Outpost Lakes from the last couple of weeks.

Dark Water Lake has had a couple of groups fish it so far and the fishing is as easy as any of our other lakes.  Oodles of walleye and an above average number of pike!  The Lindberg party came our on the weekend and reported that many of the 15-17 inch walleye had bite marks on them from big pike.   They caught lots and lots of fish all over the lake.  The largest walleye was 27 inches and the biggest northern pike was 38 inches.  They commented on how thick and heavy the pike were on Dark Water.

Cobham Daniel  had the Kahler Party fish it last week.  An experienced group of fishermen who have fished all over Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.  These guys fished the Cobham for the first time and realized that the cabin is always in the best fishing spot on the lake.  Kevin caught a 30 inch walleye right out in front of the cabin.  Prior to them was our long time fishers of the Cobham, the Erickson party.  The weather during their stay was wet.  1990 fish for 6 guys, largest walleye 25.5 inches, largest big pike 2- 37 inchers but David had a 48-52 inch MONSTER up to the boat and snapped back into the water as they attempted to land it!  So close.  Its head was like a shovel.

Loree Lake  had the Koehlien party return again in 2012.  They had a ton of rain in the 7 days they were there.  Loree has a rain gauge and they measured 5 inches of rain during their stay.  The rain didn’t affect their fishing any… or Al’s fishing anyways.  He once again caught the largest pike for the trip.  Last year he had a 44 inch pike and in 2012 he managed to beat the 40 inch mark once again!  He also had a 50 inch monster up to the boat but it was able to get away before they could land him.  Thats what keeps every one coming back!

Jeanette Lake Fishing has been as good as ever on Jeanette.  The Knight party who hasn’t had a flyin experience for many years is hoping to get back into an every year trip.  They did quite well and enjoyed the peace and quiet of this beautiful lake.  Roger had the lucky hand for big pike, landing a 39 and a 40 inch.  Mike was the walleye master, notching himself a 30 inch monster walleye on Jeanette lake.

Cherrington Lake  boasts trophy fish of 3 species.  Trophy sized walleye, big pike, and thick lake trout.  On the nice days it is awesome to be out on the big lake fishing for lake trout and big walleye.  Every group so far has come back from Cherrington in awe at the number of fish caught and the quality of them.  The Gillespie party had trouble some days catching fish under 18 inches to eat!  The Wasserman party was in there before them, they had fished Cherrington for many years and stated that they had never seen fishing that good…ever.  Allan had to conserve the leeches and was using 1/3 of a leech as bait, he caught 6 walleyes on one small piece of leech on a jig!  “Non-stop walleye action”

Shearstone Lake  fishing has also been excellent.  The Paul party fished there for 7 days and caught some nice pike.  A 39 and 38.5 inch pike were the largest.  The Wolfe party came out of Shearstone yesterday and while casting for northerns in 3-5 feet of water, caught walleye more often than pike!

Findlay Lake  Tim T. and his buddies fished on Findlay for 9 days and gave hundreds of walleyes a sore mouth, some of them more than once.  A regular trip for an Amik Outposts guest.  Tons of walleyes ranging from 20 to 28 inches.  No big deal.  Prior to them was the Holland crew.  A wild bunch who always send me a detailed summary of their annual trip to their second home.  I will post it soon with some pictures of their trip.

There has been many more fish stories than I can ever tell on my blog.  Encounters with Moose, Caribou, Bears, and even a Lynx in addition to the eagles who love to follow our fishermen around have also been reported.  During the tough weather, there was lots of card playing, inside fires, and cocktails but those who were tough enough to stick it out in the rain caught some big fish!!!  The sunshine has returned and warm temperatures along with it.  Temperatures are back on the rise and the fish should be active.