We have had normal temperatures recently.  Cool for a few days, then warmer than normal for a few.  You really need to wear layers in the morning, then down to a t-shirt for the afternoon.  We have a good crew working for us this season, which helps get more work done each day.  There has been plenty of progress on our new cabin on Dark Water Lake, and we have opened 4 camps so far.  Tomorrow we are heading back north for the week most likely to open the rest of our camps.

Some of the upgrades at the camps this season include:

3 new Lund boats for Vee Lake

New fridges for Cobham Daniel and Findlay lakes

New BBQ for Shearstone lake

Extra set of bunks for Cobham Daniel, there will be 4 bottom bunks there now

Cobham Morley will be getting a new roof and already has a new outhouse

These are just a few of the bigger jobs/ improvements we have planned for the early part of the season.  The nice, warm, mostly dry weather makes life so much easier for opening camps and getting the jobs done.  2 of our 3 dockhands have fallen into the lake already and say the water is still very cold!

Here are a few pictures from the last week.

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The day we opened Jeanette, it was awesome. Warm and sunny. Flying over the burn to the north is amazing. Not much left but rocks and ash. As we taxied into the cabin at Jeanette lake, we saw a Golden eagle flying with sticks in its claws on its way to the nest. Right behind the Golden was a Bald Eagle bearing down on it, looking to attack. And right on his tail was another Golden eagle. We witnessed the trio coming together a couple of times but eventually lost them as we got closer to the cabin. When we looked back the Bald eagle was headed away from the larger Golden eagles.


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My Mom and her husband Siggy built us the kitchen cupboards for Dark Water and even came up to install them. They also finished the trim around on the windows as well as getting the last of the staining and the first coat of varnish on the floor. I know where I get my work ethic from, my Mom. Mom and Siggy put in 2 long days at Dark Water.

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john blog

It was quite cold the day we opened Loree Lake. As the warm air moved in we had a wild thunderstorm go by and got pelted with 10 minutes of pea sized hail.

The Moose are haunting me already!  I went for a ride on Loree lake and noticed a tree across the lake in one of my favorite spots that caught my attention.

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I know for a fact that these trees were not rubbed like this during the hunt last fall, because I walked through the areas where I found these. This tree is at least 12 inches across and has the bark stripped up to 8 feet high.


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There must have been 20 trees I could see from the water that were rubbed like this. I am already looking forward to chasing those hairy beasts this fall!