Making the trip to the North country in May can be filled with a lot of variable weather.  But if you like to catch TROPHY PIKE,  you need to consider an end of May fishing trip next year.  The weather last week was warm, cool and cold.  Typical for this time of year.  What is also typical, the number of 40 plus inch pike our guests were able to catch last week.

Cobham River had the Collins party fish the waters for the first time of the year.  They did quite well and had a great time.  They had a first timer, Emily, with them but she was not the lucky one as most first timers are but she caught a lot of fish and is hoping to be included next year.  The list of Big Ones is as follows:

-Tom caught a 40, 39, 2-38’s, and a 36 incher.  He also had 3 fish on 2 casts!  2-38 inch pike, one of the pike was attached to a walleye!

-Doug had a 41 inch pike.

-Stan had  a 39, 36 and several 34 inch pike.

Here are a few pictures from their trip.

john blog

What a way to start your vacation

john blog

Stan with a nice Pike.


john blog

This mink was Johnny on the spot for a free meal.


john blog

Phil with the 42 inch trophy pike!

Book your date for next May if you want to catch fish like this!