We have returned from the Sportshow in Minneapolis and are beginning to put together our final pieces of the puzzle for the upcoming season.  My Mom told me that we are going to have three snows after the crows.  We have had one so far.  The weather has been great up here, the ice is in bad shape, and it would not hurt my feelings any to see some more snow versus rain to keep the bush moist.   Mother Nature has been kind to us, although there is a risk of it being dry this season.


It is looking like it will be a pretty good season for us.  Bookings continue to come in and we are gearing up to show all of our old and new guests the trip of a lifetime.  The ice will be out earlier than normal but some recent snow storms further north should help out with the water levels, which looked like they were going to be average.  It is hard to tell until we actually get on each lake.    Spring is fast approaching and there is lots to do.  Rena and I will be busy and most likely be in Red Lake before May 1st this year with the construction of our new cabin on Dark Water Lake.

Keep watching our site,  I have updated some more of our camp pages with pictures supplied by some of our guests.  Thanks!!!