It is that time of year again,  hunting season is only a memory, and the Christmas holidays are behind us.   Time now to begin planning a great summer vacation.  Amik Outposts is the first and last place you need to look.  With many years of experience in the outfitting business we are the right fit for your first class fishing vacation.  John and Rena have been the face of Amik Outposts for 18 years and have the experience necessary to show you and your  party a great trip.  When sifting through your pile of brochures there are a few things that should be on your checklist.

1-Location Where are the lakes located on the map of Canada?  Are they surrounded by logging roads?  A make believe flyin lake where you can hear machines in the distance?  Our lakes are true northern outpost lakes and you leave the roads behind in the first few minutes of flight.

2-Service With Amik Outposts you will get personal service and help in planning your trip right down to the smallest detail.  Rena can assist you in many different aspects of the pre-planning of your trip.  Groceries, bait, beverages or any special requests that you require to ensure a trouble free fishing vacation.

When deciding on an outfitter, you need to ask the question,  “Who does your flying?”  Other outfitters will use a charter service to get you to your outpost.  So when you get there and something has been broken or is not working properly, the pilot is not capable of fixing it because it is not his job.  Since 2000 John has been the only pilot for Amik Outposts.  He is the first one to find out how the previous party did fishing and most importantly he will ask them if they had any problems with any motors, cabin or any of the equipment.  John grew up on a farm and has worked with Amik Outposts since he was 19 years old and is more than capable of solving any problems that may arise.  Most problems he encounters at an outpost can be fixed while he is there before he leaves.  If it is more of a major problem, the outfitter knows about it immediately, not a random pilot relaying a message to the outfitter.

3-Fishing!  This is the reason the majority of you are coming to Canada, although spending time in the north country is special.  Amik Outposts offers the best trophy fishing in Ontario.  If you have been a guest of ours before you know how good our fishing is.  Many of our lakes were opened in the early 90’s and have had a conservation policy in place since day one!  For you that means BIG FISH!  Just take a tour around our website and see how many trophies have been caught and released.  Remember that this is only a portion of the big ones caught with us.  Our pristine lakes are connected to larger river systems, have plenty of moving water with deep holes to allow the fish room to grow bigger.  Many lesser outpost lakes may have a conservation policy in place now but the damage to the gene pool has already been done.  Tons of lakes further south have been fished since the 40’s or 50’s and back then everyone took home a limit….of BIG ones!  Fish in the north grow slowly and these lakes may never recover in our lifetime.  Our lakes have been looked after for you to enjoy, a resource that if managed properly will only get better.  Other outfitters will build a beautiful cabin for you to stay in but are just compensating for poor fishing.  Amik Outposts is the real deal!  We offer personal service, experienced pilots, well equipped cabins and last but not least, THE BEST FISHING you will ever experience.