Winter is knocking at our door here.  We have been fortunate most of the fall so far.  Warm and dry.  Endless sunshine.  Great weather for deer hunting!   Bucks are moving up here but the rut is not at its peak yet.  Every morning I get up, walk outside and check on the weather.  I would feel guilty to waste an opportunity when the conditions are perfect!  Today the wind switched to the north and we are supposed to get 2 days of snow.  I will be out there waiting.

I will be out there waiting when we don’t have hockey that is.  Our Bantam team has had 2 games so far, a loss and a tie.  Both games were there for the taking.  Nice to see plenty of positives early in the season.  We had a lot of pressure in both games but ran into a hot goalie in the first game loss 3-2 to Stonewall.   In our second game against Gimli, we were playing quite well but were down 3-0 after 2 periods.  Our team usually starts off slow, so I was not worried, no garbage can kicking pep talks needed until spring!  Our best players picked it up in the third period and the others followed.  Finishing checks, winning the battles for the puck we clawed our way back to tie our rivals 3-3.  Good game.  We are looking good.


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