The 2011 season is all done!  Brent and I went right back up north on Monday when our last hunters came out to close the last camps.  Generally as mid-October approaches our window of good weather is closing fast.  This year it looked like we were going to have some time to close the last camps at a leisurely pace.  But as quickly as we started closing camps, the weather forecast was changing…for the worse.  Brent and I had to go hard and get home before 3 days of rain!  We finished off the last camps and headed back.  And of course we had taken about an hour too long.  After the best summer in my career for great weather, we had to fight our way through the last 30 miles.  We were officially done.  Bitter sweet.  I have a sad feeling at the end of each season but it has to end sometime.

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Brent is a 20 year old pilot who came to us green as grass from down south. He is leaving smarter and tougher. Spending many hours in the Otter learning to make good decisions. He has a good work ethic and I wish him all the best in his future flying career.

The next flight for me,  is to put the Otter away for the winter.  The old girl needs a rest.