The weather continues to be nothing but sunshine and warm in the north.  We have seen more sun this year than I can remember.  Great to be in the north.  Some Sandhill Cranes began the trek south and I have heard the odd goose but not to many birds yet.  The leaves are changing and my favorite time of year starts in a couple weeks.  Hunting season!

The fish have remained down in the depths during the great weather, 25 to 35 feet at times.   Here is one of the last fishing reports for 2011.

Loree lake had some new guests fish there recently.  The Lutz party has quite a bit of experience fishing outpost lakes and did very well their first time on Loree.  Too many walleye between 20 and 24 inches to count.  1-40 inch pike followed up by a 38 incher.  They also had some monsters that were never seen.  They hit and then snapped 3 wire leaders!

Blackbirch had the Mays party return.  The best weather they have ever had.  It was so nice that they went swimming and found a fillet knife and a camera they lost in 2010  in the lake!!!

Cobham River had the Markum party fish there last week.  Another group with lots of north country experience.  Biggest northern pike for the trip was a 41 incher followed closely by a 40.  Walleyes were deep but once they found them they caught plenty with a 26 inch walleye being the biggest.

Findlay lake.  The walleye hunters from Iowa named the Kidder party did it again.  Chuck -27.5 inch walleye, Lonnie had 2-27’s and a 26 inch walleye.  Lots of 24 and 25 inch fish for everyone.  They also noted that they caught lots of small ones and not too many between 20 and 24.  They were either really big or small.

Cobham Daniel had the Anderson group return.  Numbers wise this was their best trip yet!  They are not hardcore counters but figure they caught over 4000 fish for 6 guys in 7 days.  One day was slow but the rest were outstanding!  Rick had a 39 inch pike and the largest walleye was 25 inches.

I have been up north doing some jobs and catching a few fish.  The dock at Cherrington Bay has been rebuilt, Loree lake has been stained, fishing was good on both lakes!  Both of those were big  jobs and I am glad to check those off the list.

I will be up putting a new roof on Findlay next week and the camps will be slowly be closed for the season.

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The Otter tied to the new dock at Cherrington lake.


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Staining Loree lake Cabin

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Cody had the fish of the trip. A nice 25.5 inch wally.