It continues to stay busy for us up in Red Lake!  That is a good thing for us.  Business is looking strong for 2012 and dates are disappearing fast.  If you are considering a trip with us next year, give us a call or and email.  You do not want to miss out!

The weather continues to be warm and sunny most every day.  We had some much needed rain with the bulk of the rain falling in the north.  Water levels came up a few inches and some pesky fires were put out, for good I hope.   Around Red Lake we had some rain but not enough.  The fishing recently has been as good as ever.  Walleyes are in a range of depths from 25 to 6 feet of water and many being caught from 25 to 28 inches.  Trophy pike continue to be quiet during the hot weather but there was a 41 inch pike caught on Blackbirch as well as many 36 to 38 inch pike caught and released.

The Loncorich party fished Blackbirch lake for the first time.  They caught a lot of fish.  Rachel who is 7 was my co-pilot probably caught the most fish but not the biggest.  Andrew caught a 41 inch northern pike and Orlin had the largest walleye of the trip measuring 24.5 inches.

The Starzak party had not been on a fly in in 10 years and chose to fish on the Cobham Lake out of our Morley cabin.  Big walleyes were plentiful for them.  They knocked the heck out the fish right out of the gate, they slowed down after the cold front and thunderstorms but came back strong for the end!  Duane held the high card with a 27 and 25.5 inch walleye caught.  Marilyn also caught a 25.5 incher.  It won’t be 10 years until their next trip.

The Rains party fished Cherrington and came out all smiles.  Plenty of big walleyes to keep them happy with Steve catching the biggest at 25 inches.  Jake  was fishing for lake trout and caught a pike down in 65 feet of water.  Northerns head to deep water in the summer too!  Jim had the biggest pike measuring 36 inches.  They plan on coming again next year,  they missed a few and realized how much they missed it.

The Quass  party went to Vee lake last week.  These guys have been on a number of flyin trips and never had such great weather.  The fish were right close to shore and plenty of them.  A great time!

The Kendall party fished Cherrington last week as well.  A lot of water to learn but these experienced fishers had no trouble at all.  Ken had the biggest pike measuring 38 inches and everyone in the group caught multiple walleye 22 to 25 inches.  At times they could not keep the 20 to 22 inchers off their hook.  They almost had to stand behind a tree to bait their hook!

Findlay Lake,  the Grindle party.  Lots of fat fish!  25 and 26 inch walleyes were the largest.  Easy fishing is what Findlay is.

We are nearing the end of another season.  Moose hunting is not far away!!!