Curtis, Bill Sr., Bill Jr. and their buddy Tom have been fishing up here for a very long time.  To give you a reference,  after picking them up on Findlay Lake we continued to Vee Lake to pick up more fishermen.  After landing Curtis commented that that last time they were there, the cabin was brand new and the forest around the lake was gone and black from a fire the previous year.  It was 1986 or 87.  And every year since then, they have fished in our lakes of NW Ontario.  Amik began in 1992 and each season we have shown these guys great times and great fishing.  This year was no exception.  Findlay lake did not disappoint.

Most of our guests catch many large fish but the guys who have the knack and know how, catch a lot more trophies.  Here is the list only of the ones over 25 inches.

Curtis  2-25.5 inch walleye and a 28.5 inch walleye

Tom a 27 inch walleye

Bill Jr. 2-27 inch walleye

Bill Sr. 26 inch walleye

Here is their note to us with the pictures,  thanks Billy.

” Hi John and Rena,

Here is a picture of Dad’s 26 inch walleye, one of my 27 inch walleyes and
34 inch pike, and Tom’s 27 inch walleye.
Tom caught his walleye in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs. It was
Thursday afternoon right before we start
organizing for the trip home. Curt’s 28 1/2 walleye is on regular film. I’ll
send it to you when he gives me a copy.



john blog

john blog

john blog

john blog

More fishing reports and pictures of the big ones to come as I get time!  We are busy moving people.  The weather has been great!!  Fires continue to burn.  Fire ban is not on as of today but we are imposing our own as it is getting drier by the day.