Dave A. fished Vee last week with his son, daughter and son in-law. They had a great trip. Walleye fishing was fantastic! One day they caught 20 walleyes that measured 23 inches or larger! The largest for the trip was a nice fat 25 incher! Here are some pictures from their trip.

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Healthy walleye with some shoulders on him. He must work out!


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Jill was not to be out done either, here she is with another hefty fish! It doesn't look like her brother in the background approves.


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These guys and girl averaged 100 fish per day per boat!

100 fish per boat per day!  Actually we have so many fishermen who tell us that they caught 100 fish per person per day but 100 fish per boat is considered normal fishing.  There are many factors that are associated with doing this.

Experience:  If you are a fisher of walleye, northern pike, bass or what ever, you should be able to come to our lakes and catch plenty of fish.  Fishermen who have fished lakes in the Canadian Shield generally figure out the patterns of fish pretty quickly.  Also, if you have experience on the lake, you know where the structure is out on the lake, the most productive areas you found the last time you fished there, therefor you will catch more fish because you will not be having to learn the lake.

Hours fished:  Please remember,  you are on vacation!  An outpost trip is what ever you want it to be!  Some people are die hard fishermen and love the long days out on the lake and some people only fish a few hours in the morning and relax for a few hours enjoying the silence and scenery before heading out again to fish a few more hours.  Needless to say, the fishermen who fish the long days are going to catch more fish, but not necessarily the biggest.

Weather during your trip is also a huge factor.  Consistent weather with winds out of the same direction and stable temperatures, you should catch a ton of fish.  Cold fronts, warm fronts and thunderstorms, there are many factors.  Our return guests who fish during the same time every year could tell you stories of the wide variety 0f weather they have experienced in the north country.

Depth finder:  As the summer moves on, having a portable depth finder will enable you to catch more fish.  Being able to locate and stay out on top of the mid lake structure in the depth where most of the fish are is essential.

Bait:  Although we operate on the best lakes in NW Ontario, bait does make a difference in the numbers of fish you will catch.  A number of our long time customers who never ever have used leeches, frozen minnows, or crawlers have had the departing group  leave them their left over bait to use up.  They reported catching considerably more fish than on artificial bait alone.  And now they are using bait most of the time.  When you are in the feeding frenzy, bait is not totally necessary but at times of the day and if a pesky cold front comes through, bait helps you catch fish if they are on the slow bite.  It is an easy equation, fish would rather eat something natural than flavored plastic.  If you are spending the money to go on vacation with us, you will catch plenty of fish, you might as well spend a little more to ensure you catch LOTS of fish!  If you ever need us to pick  up your bait for you please remember to get your order in to us at least 3 weeks before your trip.