We have been moving happy fishermen to and from the camps without a delay. The weather has been phenomenal! So much so that the bush has become very dry and the heat has triggered a few thunderstorms.  And in this country when those two ingredients mix, we have fires!  There are none burning that are threatening our camps but it is smoky from time to time depending on the wind and the billows of smoke can be seen for miles.

The temps have been in the 80’s and 90’s up here and further north it has been even warmer.  Great flying weather!  Stable weather means great fishing and awesome tans!  Walleyes are still being caught in 3 to 10 feet of water but some fishermen reporting catching walleyes in 20 feet.  Craig from the Mcgee party loves the drift and told me that he likes to set it up so he can drift far.  He caught fish in all depths as he quietly drifted the shore from 3 to 20 feet.  Here are just a few of the fishing reports.

Findlay.  Garrett party from Arkansas.  Simply put “The best trip ever, no time to play cards,  we caught millions of fish!”

Morleys had the Weber party from Wisconsin fish the Cobham for the first time.  A lot of water to learn in 5 days and they enjoyed every minute.  A 38 inch northern was the biggest caught by Jim and a 24.5 inch walleye was the largest caught by Jeff B.

The Mcgee party made the annual trip to the Cobham River.  A 26 inch walleye and 2-25’s were caught and released as well as a 41 and 40 inch pike.  They said they caught so many fish that their hands hurt.  This crew has shorelunch out on the lake everyday!  I hope to get some pictures as these guys saw a few moose and reported having many photo ops in 2011.

Blackbirch had visitors from Seattle.  The Berger family has fished lots of the lakes in our area and Steve (19) and Matt(17) have been along for the ride with their adventurous dad on all of the trips since they were very young.  This year they really enjoyed Blackbirch.  Lots of big walleyes.  They were impressed!  Of course Dad had to catch the biggest.  A fat 28 inch walleye.

Cherrington lake had the water beaten by the Jeffries party.   A great bunch.  Occupying both cabins on Cherrington this crew had 6 teenagers amongst them.  They shared some great pictures with us and I will post them soon.  This lake continues to amaze with the quality fish it produces every year all summer long.  They commented on the average size of the walleyes,  BIG.  The largest was a 27 inch but most of the fish they caught were 22 to 25 inches.  One 40 inch northern for the week too.  The lone female in the group of 13, Lydia(15) had the largest northern for the majority of the week,  on the first day she caught a heavy 36 inch pike.  It looked like she had the prize sewn up until the last day when someone caught  the 40 incher!  They went across the pullover a couple times and found some real honey holes.  6 boats catching fish after fish after fish within just feet of each other.

Shearstone had some first time flyin people fish there last week.  The Current party took the leap and decided to go on a fly in.  They trolled quite a bit and Michelle held the lucky hand.  She used a white and orange rooster tail Rapalla and caught the fish of the trip on it.  A 26 inch walleye!

Vee lake has had a couple of groups come out since I last wrote about it.  The Arth  party had Tyler(14), Bruce and Tom.  Tyler spent some quality time with his grandpa.  He learned to play cribbage.  Bruce, the rookie, caught the biggest walleye, a nice 25 incher.

Vee also had the Thompson party come out yesterday.  2 couples and Leroy had a great week on the waters of Vee Lake.  Cindy caught the biggest walleye at 25 inches.  They reported catching lots of blue walleye also.  The bigger fish seemed to be caught on crawlers and there is a northern around the dock with more than one lure in his mouth.

Daniels:  The Unruh party had an 8 day adventure.  A hook in the hand(taken out themselves) and 2-28 inch walleyes.  Mostly first timers, Doug does a great job in organizing and making sure they are properly outfitted.  We appreciate the leader of the group.