That is the quote of the day from one of our fishermen who is in Red Lake today ready for his annual trip to Blackbirch Lake at 6 am tomorrow. Rena and I hear that a lot, and it feels great!

Jeanette and Findlay changed over today. Fishing was awesome at both lakes. The Knauf party came out of Jeanette, their 4th trip to the same lake. The story this year was that they caught more walleyes this time than any of their other trips. Irv caught 2-26 inch walleye in one day and they also caught a few 24’s. Rick was fishing in the best northern spot on the lake(off the dock), and caught a nice one….who broke his new pole at the handle and dragged the rod and reel into the lake! He was not impressed.

The Holland party usually sends us a well written full fishing report that I will post later, but here is how they did. This year was tougher weather than most. Lots of wind, some thunderstorms, and a few flakes. A wild week in the north. I will save the stories for them to tell. Largest fish: Walleye 26 inches and Northern caught by Simo 41 and 40 inches.  These pictures need no explanation.  These guys catch fish like this every year!



findlay 2

findlay 3

findlay 4

findlay 5