The weatherman must have a pretty hard job, before most of our fishermen went in to the bush last week, as always we check the forecast one last time for them. Once you are at camp, you are cut off from all cell phone and internet signals. The forecast was for a week of cloud and showers everyday. The reality…nice warm temperatures and a stable stretch of weather. It is nice to have things go our way and have the weather change for the better.

I hope it stays that way for a few more days too!  We have lots of happy fishermen to move.

blog 1

This is Daniel, he went with his Dad and a group of friends to Shearstone Lake on our Family Package.  It was his birthday on Monday, the day they went in.  My present to him was a perfectly smooth flight and the opportunity to sit up front!!  I am sure he caught lots of fish and had a great fish fry for a birthday supper!

sunrise 1

I love the sky in the morning. The air is so clear and crisp.

sunrise 2

A thin blanket of fog one morning last week. Good thing it was just over the land and the lakes were all clear.

sunrise 3

I hope that I can see skys like this all summer. That would mean that the skies are clear. It is great to see the sun come up from my office....the cockpit of the Otter!