June is over half done. Fishing has been great and our guests have been very happy. We have had more than a week of great weather but of course on our busiest days of the week, Mother Nature decided to make things difficult. There was lots of flying to do.  Friday was awesome and Saturday we got it done just as it arrived in Red Lake and fought our way through it on Sunday.  Only one hour behind schedule.  Everyone was moved and fishing was very good during the past week of stable weather. Some camps telling us that it was the best ever walleye fishing and some camps saying it was slower than last year on the Big Northerns.  They saw plenty of trophies but they just came up to the boat and stared at the guys.  Here is the report from some of the camps:

sunrise june

When you live your life operating with the weather you need to pay attention to the signs. This was a very Red Sky Saturday at 4:45 am. Not like I could change it but I knew we were in for something.


Jeanette Lake Patenaude party. Lots of big walleye with a 26 and a fat 25 being the biggest. One of the young guys named Ben was fishing off the dock on his last night in camp and caught a nice 22 inch walleye that had a perch in his mouth. After pulling it out and putting it on his hook and casting it out….a monster 44 inch pike came out from under the dock and slammed it. After a long fight he landed it and finished off the trip with a bang!

Findlay Lake had the Tarara party.  Tim Brought his sister Nan with him this year.  She had never experienced anything like it!  So many large walleye.  They were very impressed with Findlay once again.  1-28″ 3-27″ 1-26″ and everyone caught multiple 25 inch walleyes out of the hundreds they caught.  The trip maker was caught by Dan, a very thick 40 inch pike!   They were “high fiving each other like 8 year olds”  they said.

The Brown party at Shearstone had some big fish as well.  Not as many numbers fishing with the boys as with just a bunch of guys but quality was great!  Lots of 20 plus inch walleyes.  The boys loved it and are looking forward to making the next trip.

The Eggerding party has been fishing in Canada for 35 trips and have seen some great fishing on may lakes.  They finally found a home on Cherrington Lake.  Mark has never experienced so many big, fat walleyes in any of those previous fishing trips.  We have heard this before but at times they said that they had a hard time to catch walleyes under 18″  They are returning to Cherrington in 2012.

The Doan party who usually fish the Cobham went back to Cherrington for the first time in 12 years had a great time.  They got along so well with the group from the Bay cabin they had a fish fry together one night during the week.  They reported having caught a lot of big walleye.  The largest walleye was 25 inches and a 39 inch northern.

loree lake

The Byrne party fished Loree lake the week before last. Here is a picture of one of the young guys trying to get every last moment of fishing in with a lighted bobber off the dock.


A reminder to all our fishermen who have been up recently, please send us your pictures for our photo contest for 2011.

More fishing reports to come!