The Kennemer party took a flyin fishing vacation last week to Jeanette Lake.  This was their 7th trip to Jeanette with us.  Usually they fish in late August or September but this year they found a date in June.  They reported catching a few less than some of their other trips but there were a lot more trophies!  Here are some of their pictures from their trip!

jeanette blog

Getting up for the early flight! Check out the time.

jeanette blog 2

As usual the dad's must have been great guides. The kids seem to be the only ones holding the trophy fish!


jeanette blog 3

Lots of big ones were caught.


jeanette blog 4

Where do you think he stands in the food chain under water?


jeanette blog 5

And then released. Back in the water to grow bigger and make someone else's vacation more memorable 🙂


jeanette blog 6

With the beautiful weather we have been experiencing, the bush is becoming very dry. After an isolated thunderstorm there was 2 fires ablaze 5 or 6 miles away. They were able to witness a quick response buy the MNR. A helicopter, water bomber and a crew had it under control by the next afternoon. The fire ban is not in effect yet but probably will be any day now I expect.


jeanette blog 8

jeanette blog 7

And the story of the trip! This fish was a 42 inch healthy, fat northern pike! The youngest man on the trip.....the biggest fish! He had hooked this gator and as his lure went side ways, dad had a strike too. Then both reels start taking drag getting closer together. The pike had grabbed one lure and went straight to the next one and off he went. The northerns have been feeding large lately!