sunrise 1

The early mornings are the best time of day....if the weather is good! Here is the sky as I climbed above the trees at 4:57 am.

sunrise 2

It is great to see the sun come up when you are in the air.

This last week has been busy. Lots of people moving to and from the bush, we had some new guests and some guests who have been fishing around these parts longer than I have been around. The weather has been unsettled lately with temperatures ranging from mid 70’s to 30 this morning, thunderstorms one day and frost a day later. Typical early June weather.

We are going to be very busy in the next 2 months so I will try to include as many fishing reports as possible but some may get missed.  Here is some of the highlights from around the north with Amik Outposts.

Vee Lake had Tom H. and a group who we have not seen in a couple years fish there for the last 7 days.  Fishing was good.  Numbers were increasing every day.  The largest walleye for the trip was 23 inches and the numbers were great at the incoming rapids where every one could fish in the same area.  The largest northern for the trip was caught on the last night and the last cast!  A 44 inch huge northern pike!  I wish I could say we work it out like that but Vee Lake has saved the best for last quite a few times.

Cobham Morley had the Jansen/Bergman group visit last week.  Jim and his buddies have been making the trip to the Cobham for many many years and they have exposed lots of friends and colleagues to the solitude of the north.  It is great to see someone fall in love with a particular body of water and be fortunate enough to fish it every year.  This year: lots of small fish at times(the next generation of trophies!)  A 38 inch northern was caught on a 16 inch walleye and landed.  The largest northern for the trip was 39 inches this year.  The last day was really windy and they could not leave the bay where the cabin was so they fished within the bay.  Dale caught lots of 20+ inch walleyes right in front of the cabin.

Cobham Daniel had some new guests.  The Hatch’s fished the Cobham for their first time and commented on how much water there was to fish, the reason guys like Jim Bergman have fished it for a lifetime.  The fishing got better and better everyday.  Largest walleye for their maiden trip to the Cobham system was 25 inches and the largest northern was caught by their stringer.  A 37 inch northern came up and tried to rip their supper away but they netted him and took a picture and told him to go catch his own!

Loree Lake had a great group of young guys tear up the water with Pat B. as their leader.  These guys had steady fishing but caught nothing huge for their first time on Loree and even had a meal of perch.  They really enjoyed the cabin, the lake, and the time together.  I hope to see them go back next spring.

The Parke’s made their annual trip to Amik  from California.  4 years ago this was a once in a lifetime trip for them…..and this is their 4th trip with us!  A different lake each time.  Every trip they become more proficient at fishing these boreal, northern lakes.  This year was the icing on the cake for Alex.  Second last day he told his Dad he was going to catch a big one, moments later he caught a 44 inch monster northern, right in the moving water at the falls.  The next day they were at a different set of rapids and Alex said the same thing…and his next fish was a 43 inch fat northern pike.  Wanting to take advantage of every minute of their time, the Parke’s fished until 2:30 am their last night there.  Walleyes every cast until midnight and a 38 inch northern to finish another memorable trip with us.  Needless to say Alex was very happy on his way back to the heat in California after catching a couple of monster pike with Amik Outposts.