A week without rain. Or much anyways, the first dry spell we have had in awhile.  A great week in the north, cold until Wednesday but sunny and warmer everyday. We have been very busy with lots of fishermen moving to and from the camps and I was very close to being on time everyday.  Awesome flying weather and fishermen with nice tans returning from their vacation with smiling faces and bandaids on their fingers.  That is a sure fire way to tell how good the fishing was.

The funniest story this weekend…the Stroupe party from Ohio were on the Cobham River for the last 7 days.  This year as always they had a Blast!  One thing they noticed this year was that they were seeing quite a few beavers up on shore, and some of them were 80 or 90 pounds!  As they were fishing along the shore one calm day, they heard a loud noise that sounded like a fart.  The 2 guys in the boat looked at each other like the other one did it.  But they didn’t.  Looking around to see where the peculiar sound came from they could see a huge beaver on the shore and he was skidding his butt along a log.  Wiping they figured.  He skidded his way down the tree and took his time getting into the water and swimming away.  During the week they saw a number of beavers up on shore but heard a second beaver fart while fishing.  You can heard a lot in the silence of the bush if you just listen.  2011 for these guys yielded less trophy fish than 2010 but they caught more large walleye than in years past.  Jim had a 27 inch walleye for the largest and Bill(first time flyin) caught a 26 inch walleye and a 37 and 38 inch northern. Not bad for a rookie.  They also caught a 39 and 41 inch northern pike and commented how thick and healthy the fish looked.

Blackbirch lake had the Brummer family fish there last week.  Bart from Iowa, had his 5 sons and a friend of theirs along for the ride.  Aged 14 to 24,  a great bunch of respectful young men who love the outdoors.  They caught tons of fish with Dad catching the biggest walleye measuring 24 inches and Dad also had a respectful 2nd place on the northerns, catching 2-38 inch pike.  But Zack took the prize for the pike, a 40.5 inch hog.  A mouth on it like a trap.  Here is the picture:

Blackbirch northern

How would you like to catch one of these monsters?

Jeanette lake had the Widen group from all over the USA.  7 of the 10 guys had never done a flyin before.  They said that they caught a lot of northerns on jigs on Jeanette.  Randy caught a huge headed 41 inch pike on a light rod with 8 lb test!  They caught plenty of big walleyes also.  Joe had a 28 incher and Chris and Randy each caught nice 26 inch walleyes.  Alex, the youngest member of the party who is 13 and from Miami, caught a 21 inch walleye and a 30 inch northern on his first flyin trip.  A pretty good start, he will top that next time for sure.

Vee lake.  The Rother party made their annual trip to the beautiful log cabin located at the bottom of the VEE.  Fishing was great despite some cold weather to start out the trip accompanied by some sleet one day.  Northern pike were quite plentiful with lots of big ones caught.  Del, who was a novice fishermen on his first trip with us 4 years ago did not even own a rod then, succeeded in catching the biggest fish again.  For the fourth year in a row!  A fat 40.5 inch northern, as well as a 39 incher.  The other guys were were teasing him because now he has a 9 foot pole with an 18 inch lure on the end of it.  The other guys caught fish too,  they had 17 northern over 30 inches, 39, 37 and 36 inches were the other big fish for the trip.

Vee northern

Here is Tom with a healthy 39 inch Northern.

Cherrington lake.  P Rockford and his buddies went to Cherrington for 7 days last week.  The first time they had fished this body of water.  A big lake to learn but these veterans were up to the task.  They had some calm weather and were able to catch some Lake Trout out on the big lake.  The walleyes were also very active out on the big lake where almost every fish is 20-24 inches!  Pat caught a 40 inch northern near the cabin which took 15 minutes to land, he was strong and wide across the back!

There are more fishing reports to come.  There is lots of action at Amik Outposts!  Here are some more recent pictures from our guests of the trophies they come to catch!

Daniels northern

Cobham Daniel


Blackbirch northern

Blackbirch Lake