The first week of the season is behind us.  After a few weeks of beautiful weather and the first fishermen went into the bush, we had a cold front come through and slow down the fishing.  Water temps went down and it was not as fast and furious fishing as we had last season during the first week.  There was some nice afternoons where our fishermen had some success.  As always walleye fishing was good and the Daniels guys reporting catching more big walleyes than in years past.  Here are some early fishing reports!

Cherrington lake-first afternoon, 4 guys, well over 100 fish in first 2 hours! Largest for the trip, Walleye 28 inches, Northern 46 inches!!!

Loree lake-Lots of fish, Walleye 26 inches, Northern 38 inches.

Vee lake- slower than normal but caught 2-38 inch northerns and a 29 inch walleye.

Cobham Daniel-29.5 inch walleye with many up to 26 inches and 2- 41 inch northerns.

Cobham River- The guys who were a day late in getting to their destination had the best luck!  4 monster pike over 40 inches for Doug C. himself and 12 over 38 inches!  Doug retired his favorite lure to the cabin at the Cobham.  It had lost an eye and was taking on water.  The rest of the group said that they needed to invest in bigger lures for 2012.  They found the fish deeper on the sunny days and had some really big ones in the 46 to 48 inch class follow them right up to the boat and stare at them.

We have some pictures from the last week which I will get up soon.  In the meantime, here are some pictures of the new boat ramp at Shearstone being built by our 2011 crew.

We spent the night at Shearstone when we opened it up early last week. It is nice to here the silence.


Our 2011 crew. Brent, a pilot fresh out of college on the left, Dalton and Richard are from east of Thunder Bay and both love being in the bush. The opportunity to see this part of Canada is not one that even many Canadians get to experience.


Some how in the last few weeks of opening camps, the oil cap for the chainsaw was lost. I had to invent an oil cap. A winecork I found randomly in the cabin and good old duct tape!! Threaded right in and worked great!!

After cutting and skinning the logs and plenty of chainsaw work, pounding 10 inch spikes and nailing the boards down the ramp, we have a new easy to use boat ramp at Shearstone.