After assembling our crew and getting all of our camp opening stuff together and hours of planning, we were ready to head up north last Wednesday. The only problem was that Mother Nature had other ideas. A Nasty low pressure system came in on Tuesday night and never left until Thursday. The first weather delay of the year and we never even made a flight. Oh well, it is not the first nor the last of those I will have. Flying in some snow on the way north, it felt like old times, opening camps in the cold. It was 20 F the first morning we woke up but it has been severe clear since then and has been getting warmer everyday. We have not had a warm May like this in a long time. It is 75 F here right now and supposed to be warmer tomorrow up north than here in Red Lake. Our first northern fishermen head in to Cherrington tomorrow and the camps continue to fill up everyday after that. It is supposed to cool off on the weekend but I hope it will warm back up again. We still have a couple camps to get ready but the hardest stretch is over. Our crew is a little tired after many long days but the sunshine allowed us to get things done in quick fashion.   Here is the link to the weather north of Red Lake

Water levels: Cobham, Cherrington, Vee, Blackbirch, water is high but not over the docks.
Findlay and Loree are fairly low.
Jeanette and Shearstone are slated to be opened in the next few days.

Take your fish cooker grease farther away!

The sign in the cabin says "Please take your fish cooker grease as far from camp as possible" Please remember, after your oil cools off, please take it at least 150 to 300 yards into the bush. The group behind you will be the ones with the bear problem.

The River

The view from the deck at the Cobham River.

Loree Droppings

The caretaker at Loree lake was back this winter. A south facing cabin where we we are always trimming the brush and young shoots come up every year. A natural place for a moose to winter.

Loree Moose clippings

This cow moose has been spending her winters at Loree for a long time! Here are what most of the trees look like near the cabin