Today was a beautiful day in the north, such a day should not be wasted on the ground. And after receiving a call from our mechanic that the ice was out on the small lake near the airport where the otter stays during the winter, I was off to get it! The biggest advantage of having a base on the river …No ice in the spring! Not that we can go anywhere else, we have the airplane and will be ready to go.

It felt great to be back in the air! A severe clear day! Sitting in the cockpit with 1000 hp in front of me, climbing up to 4500 feet. Smooth. Looking around on the way home most lakes still have ice but it is melting fast after the rain last weekend. Many of them will go if we get a big wind.  I took some pictures of Lac Seul on the way home and it will be awhile before it goes but the small ones are ready to go.