Our Bantam team went to the Tournament of Champions this last weekend. We did not fair too well. We won the first game and put ourselves in the A side. Our next game was against the host Minnedosa, a much bigger and faster team than ours. They did show us up on the scoreboard which is acceptable. But they did not let off after getting ahead by a wide margin. Hitting us harder every opportunity they had, especially our girls. (we were one of 2 teams with girls on the team) As in any contact sport, when play like this occurs, stuff gets out of hand. I have been involved in plenty of these kinds of games in my career. A long story short, there were lots of penalties and one suspension. Not the way I prefer to play but you need to look after your teammates. If nothing else, it brings a team closer to take a beating on the scoreboard and fight your way out of the rink.

Other than that, we went bowling and had a great time. The kids bought some sleds and slid down the hills of the town we were in, while the parents had a few!

Here is my form. Tough spare out there.

Here is part of my bunch of Bantams. I love coaching.