We have had a harsh taste of winter here in Manitoba. Lots of snow and cold! It has been minus 20 Celcius and with the combination of snow and cold it equals 6 inches of ice in a hurry. The only problem is that there are pockets of slush that are impossible to set through. Having trouble when you are setting makes for a few choice words in a place where no one can here you!

We take turns being the one to find the jigger and testing the ice. Luckily I am lighter than my older brother! You can see the fog over the open water in the distance.

Here is what our nets look like. This one is a shallow net used close to shore. The thick blue line opposite the orange floats has a a weighted line that sinks it to the bottom.

Here is how quickly the shoreline disappears in a half mile in the snow.

Deer season is still open until this weekend. I hope to still find myself a huge whitetail!