Just as quickly as it started… it is over. We lost 2 games straight to the Stony Mountain Flames. Both games were similar, we played 2 good periods and 1 bad one. Playing against the first place team requires that you make less mistakes and when we made mistakes or gave the puck away, we got scored on. When we were playing the simple dump and chase, we dominated but could just not score enough to compensate for the mistakes. It was a good season and is not over yet. We will play a number of exhibition games and practise for another month.

It was a successful season. These kids all grew and matured as hockey players and are better people because of the game. I am happy.

Now to focus on the Olympics. As of this moment, USA is in the gold medal hockey game and Canada has yet to beat the Slovaks but I am hoping we get a shot at the gold! I know what I will be doing on Sunday afternoon!!