We are on the downhill slope of our season but there is plenty of fishing yet to do!! Here are a few highlights from the last week:

Jeanette lake had the Stork party frequent as they do every second year. This was their 4th trip on Jeanette and they said it was by far the best yet for catching BIG fish. Nick, one of the young guys in the group was the “King” catching a 27 inch and 2-26 inch walleyes. Nice to see the younger generation enjoying fishing in Canada and looking forward to coming back. They said they would send some pictures so they could be on the Blog!

Shearstone had some flyin Newbies fishing it recently and they had no problems at all catching fish. Noah and Eli, 15 and 12 had a blast but were not too sure what to expect for their first time. They caught lots of fish and will catch many more next time, fishing these lakes on the Canadian Shield takes a little getting used to and the more experience you have, the better you catch! They caught some nice ones though, Eli had a northern T-bone a 22 inch walleye and Noah had a huge northern on but did not land him:( Lou had the biggest walleyes of the trip measuring 24 and 26 inches.

The Phillips family fished Vee lake for the second time, their first was 2 years ago when Rodney and Paul came up for their first time. When I picked them up, Rodney said “there were so many memories here this week!” 3 generations were together fishing and catching fish everywhere, Grandpa who was born in 1920 caught the biggest fish of the trip, a 38 inch northern and a 24 inch walleye. He said his arms were so sore but was able to land the big northern. Jason also had a 38 inch northern and Paul caught and released a 37 incher as well as a 33 inch northern. Walleyes were very plentiful with lots of 20 to 24 inch walleyes being caught. They said they are already looking forward to the next one!

Morleys had some regulars back for their annual trip last week the Goetsch party. Always a good time, and so relaxing. Bill almost was able to land a northern that was well over 40 inches attached to his walleye, but he let go before they could land them. Lots of walleyes in the 18 to 24 inch range but numbers were maybe the best yet! Something happened on the way home that was comical….Kelly sat co-pilot on the way back and like many before him happened to fall asleep. The thing is when he woke up he stretched and was unaware that when he did he pushed on the left rudder pedal on his side, not a huge deal in small doses but I actually gave him a punch in the arm to wake him up and stop him from going any further!! Everyone in the back including Kelly and I laughed the rest of the way home.

The Stokowski party fished Findlay lake for the first time last week. Steve brought his girlfriend Bev along and a family friend Carson who is 10 and loves to fish. Well they went to the right place! Findlay is one of our easiest lakes to fish and it was again this week. A few 26 inch walleyes were they biggest and Carson had 2 of those big boys! I will pass those pictures along when I get them.

Loree lake had the Nelson party visit and they had some great fishing and great times. Nothing really huge was caught but fishing was steady and lots of those “Average” walleyes in the 18-22 inch range. They did see another big bull moose on Loree, hunting season is getting close, I can’t wait:)