The sun sets on another year, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope 2009 is a good one for all! With the world in turmoil, we will be striving to do even better to show all of our guests the Best Canadian Experience ever!

I played with the Old Guys and Dads versus the Local Midget team(15-17 y/o) and had a blast! We won 4-3. Yours truley scored a hat-trick and hit the post, got to hit my nephew and his friends a few timestoo. The Old guys may not be too fast but they are wiley and can pass… Re-match is in Feb, the kids didn’t like losing thats for sure. I better keep my head up next time.
This is Stan and the little guy is Barry. The coaches of the Midget team. They both played Senior till well into their 30’s and can still play. Check out the gear.

There are some huge piles of ice out on the lake. It was 12-14 inches thick when this stuff broke up. The wind is powerful out there.

Our E-Holiday card just went out today, Here is the link Happy New Year