Today the weather was perfect! About 75 degrees with a nice west wind and a few clouds. I had one milk run today, Shearstone and Springpole changing over and people were smilin.

Springpole had a nice young family in there this past week and they were very impressed at how heavy the walleyes were compared to some other lakes they had fished in the past. Everyone who goes in there seems to notice how thick and fat they are. The food base in some Lake Trout lakes is very rich. A regular 22 inch walleye will fight and weigh considerably more than in most lakes. Jerry P. and his 2 sons caught an amazing amount of walleyes, the largest being a football shaped 28 incher! Many caught and released between 22 and 24 inches as well. They found that the majority of them were in 12 to 15 feet of water with some good numbers of smaller ones still in the rapids where the Crowmarty river flows in. Northern fishing was also good up in the river, the water is still quite high so getting up there is fairly easy yet. Largest Northern was 38 inches.

Shearstone lake water levels are normal when everywhere else is high. Kind of weird but that is fine with me. Phil P. and 3 of his buddies were there for the past 4 days and had a blast! Walleyes seemed to be on every windy point and sometimes right up against the weeds. Biggest walleye being a 25 inch and largest northern 39 and a half incher. They tried but could not stretch it to 40

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