As a last team function we went to watch the last Regular Season game of the Vancouver Canucks farm team, The Manitoba Moose. Before the game though there was a fundraiser for Cancer research. Shaving your head. I have a lot of respect for these kids for doing this with me. Overall ther was $14 000 raised in 3 hours. Then our Moose beat up on the Toronto Marlies 6 – 0. Nice to watch, lots of scoring, a couple fights and a lot of hard bodychecks. Great game!

Most of us got to go at the same time and the hair fell to the floor.

Now we can all go 5 miles per hour faster!LOL These boys got to go on the radio with the local morning Dj’s and chat for a bit.

Moose Players Mike Keane(has a couple of Stanley cup rings) and Jason Jaffray( an up and comer for the Canucks) spent some time with the kids and I. They really enjoyed that. Getting to tell professionals their hockey stories was cool.