Some of our family and friends know about this but John and alot of the locals from around the Interlake, Eriksdale mostly, were extras in a movie this spring called Whiteout. Starring Kate Beckinsale, and Tom Skerrit. Shot 1 and a 1/2 miles from our house. It is based in the Antartic.

If you look in the credits at the end, you will see John’s name beside Naked Runner #3. Yup, it took 12 takes, half with a sock on the goods and the others were in all the Glory. Running through half of Eriksdale and Lundar past his old Principle, Teachers, and Parents of kids he coaches on Maija’s team. It will be in the opening scene of the movie. He is the only one wearing white boots.LOL It was alot of Fun. Lots of waiting in the movie business though.

Jamie and Uncle Jack were also in the movie. Not naked though. Here a few pictures from Jamies camera. Uncle Jack is in one of them. Of course there has to be an Otter in the movie. This is the Walter turbine conversion.
Uncle Jack in the Antartic

The South Pole on Lake Manitoba