July weather has arrived and the fish are very active. Brought the Baranek Party out of Vee Lake today and they enjoyed themselves immensely. They fish mostly for walleyes and noted that they found them in 7 feet of water. Mostly around where there were trees fallen into the water. Quite a few snags but lots of fish as well. They fished the portage lake and had some really nice fish. A 26 1/2 ” walleye and 2-24’s. You usually do not catch tons of fish in that little lake but the ones you do catch are very nice.

Also they caught another 26″er right up in the moving water of the rapids at about 8 o’clock last night. Lots of numbers in that water as well. They said they had to figure the fish out depending on the day. Not a bad days work, eh!

Until next time.