We have a festival in Red Lake every July called Norseman Days. Some pretty cool stuff there. Lots of juiced pilots etc. LOL Here are some pictures from the beer tent.I was up well before the sun. Tried to go out and party but ran out of gas by 11 o’clock.
Rena looking good. This is pretty much our only oportunity to go out all summer.
Here is me with my Good Friend Ed Showalter Sr. I have an enormous amount of respect for him and have learned alot from him over the years. He has been flying in the bush for close to 50 Years. I still talk to him almost every day in the air.
Don (duck) Graham. Another old Legend from Red Lake. He has seen a few hours looking through the windshield of a Beech 18.
My good friend Eddie Showalter Jr. He is pictured here with Sherry from Red Lake Marine. She is quite a flirt. I know.