We had I think all of our company come to see us in about a 10 day period.

Jamie and Dar and the boys came to see us for 4 days. We all stayed in the trailer and got along perfectly. People sleeping every where. It was good though, reminds me of when I was a kid. Lots of people in the house. Jamie came with me one day to put a new outhouse together and also deal with a bear problem. Hope they can stay longer next year.

Rena’s mom and dad came to bring the girls back from their trip. They spent a couple nights on Lake of the Woods with them on their way back from a two week holiday. Eric brought his guitar and we had a fish fry and a little party at the base in Red Lake. Good times. Bruce and Debbie were there and our dock hand Josh. Mosquitos were not too bad. We were burning a lot coils that night.

My buddy Floyd and a crew of fisherman from home came to go up to Cherrington for a fishing trip. They caught some Lake Trout and a bunch of walleyes. Hal, the manager of my hockey team also came along. He had been looking forward to the Otter ride for years.

Mom and Siggy brought a crew of hard workers to do a job at the Cobham River camp. Lots of stories. Bears, Bats, and Mice. Oh yeah, they did catch some fish too.

Mom and Siggy, Aunty Judy, Uncle Maurice, and Craig and Carolyn came up to tear down a small gazebo and build a bigger one this week at the Cobham river. Harder than expected and did not have much fishing time. They have an open invitation for next year. Fishing only!! They did a great job. Some really good stories.Bears Bats and Mice.LOL
Trent in his favorite place, the Otter. He came flying quite a bit. Whenever there was room, he was there.
Duane was a good helper too. He helped me with refilling our propane cylinders. Duane fished tons and had the patience of a saint and could not get those pesky walleyes to bite.
Troy is starting to tower over Dar. Needs a little more practice before he can tackle Uncle John though.
This is a great picture.
The kids had a blast paddling around the river in the boats. Dar, Trent and Maija had a little trip down the river when a strong winded shower came by. It rained and blew them a ways off course. It was funny after but they got soaked and scared.
Good time paddlin’
Fishing was good off the dock. We caught quite a few the evening we were out there.