The girls left for their vacation on Monday. John flew them to Sioux Lookout to spend a few days with Robyn’s family. Mark, Robyn and Kale will be heading to S.L on Friday for the long weekend. We are very fortunate to have a family that includes the girls in their vacation time as we are not able to travel anywhere in the summer. On Tuesday they will head back to Winnipeg for a few days. I think they plan to do some shopping! They will head to Kenora next Friday with Nana and Grandad to spend a weekend on their boat and will come back to us Monday July 9th. John and I are extremely busy but hope to get out fishing one evening while they are gone. We have lots of family and friends planning on visiting us this year. John’s Mom and Siggy, Auntie Judy, Uncle Maurice and our neighbors Craig and Carolyn are heading to the Cobham on July 14th. Some of John’s hockey team will be fishing at Cherrington in July and Jamie, Darlene & the boys will be visiting us at our base for a few days. Can’t wait to see everyone!
Kale when Taina went home for Confirmation.
Taina with Sister Evelyn, Father Rene, and the Arch Bishop.
John took the girls to Sioux Lookout at the same time as the Inspection for the Otter. Here are the Mechanics getting her Checked out.
A Sunrise at 4:56AM.