Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

It’s amazing how far people come for great fishing.

The days are getting shorter and we are into our last busy month of fishermen.  We will be spending some time in the bush soon fixing docks and working around the camps.  Perhaps a bit of fishing, card playing and maybe a beer or two….  After a busy summer of showing people great trips it is our turn to enjoy the North.

We continue to see guests showing up in their vehicles from some very far away places.  It’s amazing how far they will come for awesome fishing.  We really appreciate the effort and will always do our best to show you an amazing trip.  We always have a lot of guests from the Midwest but it seems we have almost had people from all of the lower 48.  Florida, New York, Texas, Montana, Oklahoma and even New Mexico.  

The Alexander family has been fishing with us every other year since the the boys were very young.  They have always driven from Colorado and for many years they had 5 people and all their gear in an SUV and trekked across the Continent to Red Lake.  Their family has grown and now there is daughter in-laws and soon grandkids joining the group.  They have all become great walleye and northern fishermen and seem to be catching bigger and bigger fish each year.  This year was another awesome trip.  This time they spent a week on Vee lake and caught some Big Fish.  Here are a few of the Big Ones they caught this year

We headed to Shearstone this week to do some dock work.  We only had a day and a half with no flying so we had to giver.  We rebuilt the section of dock coming off the shore and also added a new crib under a long span running along the shore.  A medium sized job and we got it done, caught some fish and had a good night in the bush.  Of course Dustee was the happiest of all to be out in the bush as she has been sad because she has been wanting to go flying so badly.  We had a couple of perfect working days, warm but not too hot.  It felt good to be out there. ūüôā

The dock turned out good and we shouldn’t have to touch it again for a few years.  

Good times!

Summer is rolling on, the nights are getting cooler and we have had a couple of foggy mornings so far.  You can’t feel fall yet but it isn’t to far away.  Until then we have lots of people to take to the bush to have a great time in the outdoors.

We have had many regulars and also many first time flyin fishermen lately.  It is always great to see the first time flyin guests come out of the bush.  The best fishing of their lives, the quietest most remote place they have ever been.  The look on their faces is priceless.  The North is a special place to visit and it truly helps you recharge your batteries, I tell people that the fishing is a bonus!  Just being there is reason enough to make the trip.

Water levels are going down some, lower further south and on their way down in the north.  The weather has been nice and mostly dry lately with some vicious thunderstorms occasionally but we have cooled off some so lets hope they are gone for awhile.  

The fishing has been unreal.  Many of our regular guests have had the best fishing that they have ever had.  Walleyes have been crazy aggressive and the big pike have been attacking walleyes at the boat quite frequently.  Some of them have been landed while attached to a walleye and others were only a fish story.

The Sanders family has been with us since the kids were little.  We have seen them every year and watched them grow up.  They have become great fishermen and responsible adults.  The next generation is almost ready to begin the trek all over again.  We really feel good to be such a big part of their lives and look forward to seeing the grandkids faces after catching fish like this!!

They went to Loree Lake this year to scout it out for the future.  They literally caught fish in every single spot they stopped to fish.  Here is the fish of the trip.  A 29.5 inch walleye!!!

The Coleman party came back to Cobham Morley after a few years hiatus and had a great trip.  There is talk of the next generation taking over their group as well to continue the tradition.  When you do this once you will be hooked!

The Clarke party went to their favorite place on earth last week.  Cobham Daniel.  They have fished on the Cobham for a very long time and have gotten to know the lake and where to find the big fish.  This year was by far one of their best trips yet.  Tons of big fish and tons of laughs.  

Here are the Champs.  On the right Brad took home the heavyweight belt for the most big fish accumulated on points overall.  Brent in the middle took home the bragging rights for the largest walleye. And Bill joined the 40 inch pike club and gets to engrave his name on the plaque as Pike Champion for 2017.

I like the cooler Brad is standing on…. ūüôā

These pictures need no explanation.  They are just awesome and show how solid our fishery is on all of our lakes.

Time flies when you are having fun.

I apologize for not having any new blogs lately.  We have had one of our busiest July’s ever.  Lots of flying and lots of happy fishermen!!  

It has been pretty hot in the North and the fish have been active.  Fishing has been excellent!  Lots of fish and plenty of big ones.  Some camps who didn’t catch as many as other years reported catching more big ones than ever.  Other camps seemed to have a ton of fish but not quite as many big fish compared to normal.  Fishing is fishing and its better than working.  Everyone has been having fun and enjoying their stay in the bush.  

Walleyes continue to occupy a wide range of depths on all the lakes from the farthest north to the farthest south.  Walleye have been caught in 4 feet of water one day in the weeds on a hot sunny day and then the next day they would be found in 20 feet of water off the points.  One thing for sure is that the fish are where you find them.  Pretty much every group coming out reported catching lots of walleye from 20-23 inches with quite a few up to 26-29 inches.

Big pike have been caught walleye fishing for the most part, on a jig.  Mid summer pike fishing can be a bit tougher and most of the time the best bait is a walleye you are bringing into the boat!  There has been many reports of big pike attacking small walleye or pike right at the boat!  We have had quite a few 40 plus inch pike caught throughout July with the biggest measuring 43 inches.

The Short party have been with us a few times and just may have found the lake where they will call home.  They went to Jeanette Lake and had an absolute blast!  Tons of big fish, awesome weather and great family time.  These pictures and these smiles speak for themselves.


The Gillespie party fished on Loree Lake recently.  Here are some of the big fish they caught during their stay with us there.

Here is a nice 27.5 inch walleye which was the biggest walleye of the trip.

During the month of July there is a float plane festival which happens in Red Lake.  This year there was an acrobatic team of Harvards doing the airshow.  It was awesome to see the close formations and aerobatic flying.  It sounds awesome to have 4 radial engines ripping through the air.  

Harvard video

With the hot weather we have had it has begun to dry up and we have had some thunderstorms as well.  There is a few smaller fires burning around the north and occasionally you can smell smoke.  Nothing really big burning though in our area yet but we are telling our guests to be extra careful with any fires they may be having.  

Here is an early morning flight that ended up having an unscheduled stop along the way to wait out the storm.

Fish are everywhere!

We have had some very nice weather recently and we have been busy as all heck.  Every single person coming back from their flyin fishing trip has been smiling from ear to ear.  Fishing has been awesome, the sun has been shining pretty much every day and the weather has been good for flying.  It’s a perfect combination!

Walleyes have been all over the place.  From 3 feet of water to 18 feet of water.  Some have been right up against the weeds in 3-5 feet of water and some have been on the rocky points in 10 to 12 feet.  Each lake seems to have a different report.  Lots of fishermen saying that their old spots were cold and were forced to look in some new spots.  Trolling has been working well to locate the fish in a variety of depths.  Quality fish have been abundant with a few monsters being caught here and there up to 29 inches but for the most part each camp has a number of walleyes caught each week up to 25-26 inches.

The real big pike have been sort of quiet with a few big ones being caught but pretty much every camp comes out catching a few up to 36-38 inches with the biggest being 43 inches.  They have been caught trolling or else jigging for walleye.  Big pike like to eat walleyes too!

The Dietz family made their annual trip to Canada and went back to Blackbirch lake 2 years in a row because they liked it so much last year.  This year they caught a phenomenal amount of fish!  It is great to see people having such an awesome time and catching more fish than they ever have!    

John was a first timer and was all smiles on the way out.  He caught a 41 inch trophy Pike on the last night!  And Bobby the guide caught a beautiful 28.5 inch walleye!



The Mcgee party loves the Cobham River.  This year was another great trip with more memories.  Here is Bruce with the biggest for the week.  A thick 43 inch Pike.  

These guys like to do shorelunch everyday.  It’s a great part of the trip.  Here are 4 good eaters.

Then they have to be cleaned.  An experienced crew has a list of all the shorelunch items that are required.  

The cook…..

The Berry party fished at the Cobham Daniel cabin recently and had another awesome week.  The girls are great with a camera and always see some beautiful sights while out in the bush.  Thanks for sharing them with us.  Here is a what the weather has been like for the majority of the the days recently…..

Walleye Smiles!!!

Here is Gordon with his 40 incher!!!

We have had some windy days which always makes it a little tougher to stay right on the fish.  When you see the Sun Dogs around the sun it is going to blow within the next 24 hours.  

Here are a few pictures from the Call Party who have found their home on Vee Lake!  Here is a picture of a Blue Walleye.  The pictures never do them justice.  They are blue as the sky sometimes.

Experience on the lake you are fishing helps a lot in catching more quality fish.  Here is Eric with a beauty.

These guys are also very skilled with a fly rod and can catch walleyes and northerns with them.  

Will caught himself a real trophy while on Vee Lake.  Here is a 36 inch pike caught on a fly rod!!

The water has been going down and is now at a perfect level.  

There are lots of mosquitos!   Don’t forget your mosquito coils!

The forecast is for great weather.  We do not have any forest fires burning yet in our area but we have had some thunderstorms.  If it stays dry it is just a matter of time until we get some.  No fire bans on yet, just caution and common sense.


Happy 4th of July!

We have had many families up fishing with us lately and they have been creating many memories and catching lots of nice fish while doing it!

The Hendricks family have been going to Vee Lake for quite a few years now.  They were our 2016 Photo contest winners.  They love their time in the bush and are getting to know Vee Lake very well.  Here are just a few of the big fish they caught this year.

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The Moody and Seger boys fished Shearstone last week.  It is nice to see the boys growing into better fishermen every year.  This year they caught some great fish and had a blast again.  Already looking forward to next year!!

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The Berg party came up for their favorite week of the year at Cherrington Lake.  Fishing was awesome out on the big lake.  Lots of thick healthy walleye out there and they are all normally well over 20 inches.

john blog john blog john blog

They saw some wicked storms and even this waterspout one day

john blog


john blog

We have been into a better trend of weather recently with warm temperatures. ¬†The water is still pretty high so let’s hope it stays dry for awhile.


Settling into Summer

We have almost gotten through the rainy cloudy weather….. I hope. ¬†The forecast is for sunshine and it is supposed to get hot but that remains to be seen. ¬†We have had some showery weather this week but the temperatures have been perfect and to make it even better, it has been¬†good flying weather. ¬†The water in the north has started to go down already. ¬†The water is level with most docks and Cobham Morley should be out of the water soon I hope.

Fishing has been great everywhere and the fish have been in a large variety of depths.  From 3 feet of water in the weeds on some lakes and in 5-20 feet of water on some of the others.  The common depth still seems to be 10-12 feet of water for the most part.  If it gets hot I would expect the walleyes to move into the weeds everywhere with Big Pike close by as they will be giving of lots of oxygen as they grow.  Sometimes your best walleye lure in early July is a 5 of diamonds above deep cabbage weeds.

Lots of bigger fish were caught last week and most camps catching and releasing walleyes up to 25 inches, the largest was from Cobham Daniel at 26.5 inches and lots of pike between 38-40 inches and a few 42 inch being the big ones caught and released last week.

Here are a few pictures from one of the nicest morning flights so far.


john blog

Bob Call and his buddies made their bi-annual trip to Vee Lake and had a great trip as they do every time they visit.  Here is a nice healthy Pike!

john blog

The Wasserman party has been our guests for a very long time and have taken Cherrington Lake as their second home.  Three generations!

john blog

As always, the walleye fishing was first class.

john blog

john blog

Allan is always smiling.  Cause he usually catches the biggest fish!!

john blog

Fishing in the rain has been awesome!

The last post jinxed us. ¬†We have had some bad weather and lots of rain in the north! ¬†We are not sure how much rain we got up in the far north but we had 2 low pressure systems that sat up there for 3 days 2 weekends in a row. ¬†Needless to say we were delayed almost every day but were able to get all of the people moved to and from the camps the day that they were scheduled. ūüôā ¬†Water is now high. ¬†If you are going to Cobham Daniel, Morley or the River please bring some rubber boots. ¬†The water is over the dock. ¬†Cherrington, Vee, Findlay and Loree are higher as well but still below the dock. ¬†Let’s hope the weather dries up.

Fishing during this cloudy misty weather has been great.  Those are the best fishing days.  Walleye have been most active and have been in 8-12 feet of water.  More large walleye have been caught and released this past week than the week before.  More trophy pike this week as well.  Plenty of 40 inch fish caught and released!  Here are some pictures from recent trips.

The Tylinski Party fished Jeanette lake recently and had a great time.

john blog

I would say that the fish are feeding!!

john blog

The Caribou are back around the cabin at Jeanette.  There are 2 of them at times this year.  They must feel safe around the cabin and people.  And usually pay no attention to the fishermen in camp.

john blog

The Delforge family went to Shearstone and the sun shined……

For 45 minutes after I dropped them off.  Then it rained and misted for 4 days straight!  They had a great family vacation and caught a ton of fish.  With more cabin time there was lots of laughs and card playing while their gear dried out so they could head back out to catch more big fish.

john blog

john blog

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john blog

A sucker puts up a heck of a fight!!!

john blog


Here are a few more pictures from the Bowling party who went to Cobham Daniel recently.  It looks like we had a great day to fly in!


They fly fished quite a bit and did very well on catching some big pike!


Every once in awhile you run into some of the local residents out on the lake.





Fishing overall has been great during the crappy weather but we would rather see the sun!!!



The weather has started to straighten out and lets hope it dries up for awhile to let some of this water drain away.


Here is a great picture of Vee Lake from 5500 feet on our way home from the Cobham River yesterday as the weather finally began to clear.

john blog

We had a day where we had to stop and do some work at Darkwater Lake and had a couple hours to fish.  Of course Dustee had to keep us company and keep us safe.  We caught a bunch of fish and saw 3 moose.  Here is our new dockhand Scott with a 23 inch walleye.

john blog


It has been warm and sunny for the most part around here. ¬†Fishermen are coming out with great tans and sore hands! ¬†Fishing has been great at all of the camps. ¬†Walleyes are in 4-12 feet of water and in many different places from along windy shorelines, muddy shallow bays and in the narrows. ¬†Numbers of walleye have been good and even crazy at times. A bit slower when it was flat calm and sunny and insane when it was cloudy or raining. ¬†Fishermen who have had more experience on each lake caught more fish than the ones who may have been fishing a lake for the first time. ¬†If the fish were in a spot the day before, and they were not there the next day… ¬†They didn’t go far, they just moved a little and take a little searching to locate again.

Pike have been active as well with lots of numbers being caught but not as many 40 plus inch pike caught as the week prior.  Every group coming out in the last few days reported catching pike up to 38 inches. Some of the 38 inch pike were caught on a 16 inch pike!  There was 2 different pike attacks last week where this was the case!  Landing both fish.

There has also been plenty of wildlife being seen around some of the outposts. ¬†Moose, caribou, otters, pine martens and bears have been spotted here and there. ¬†You never know what you might see in the bush, sometimes nothing but that doesn’t mean they aren’t close to you…..

The Ketron party made their way back to Cobham Morley where they seem to have found a home.  They caught a ton of fish and some nice ones.  Here are some pictures and action shots from their stay with us.


john blog john blog john blog john blog john blog

A Great Start!!

We are busy. ¬†Groups of fishermen are coming and going to and from the camps with big smiles on their faces, sunburns, and sore hands from catching lots of fish! ¬†Although I am sitting in the office writing this because we are waiting for the weather to get better. ¬†We have gotten some much needed rain in the past few days which will help the fire situation and keep our water levels up where we like them. ¬†We have had a healthy crop of Blackflies so far but they should be almost done… we haven’t had many Mosquitos but this rainy weather may wake¬†them up, so make sure you bring a few coils when you come up north.

Fishing has been good and improving weekly. ¬†With a bit later ice out this year, the walleye spawned a bit late and thus there is a bit of a lull in the walleye fishing for a few days after and it varied lake to lake. ¬†Catching walleye wasn’t the issue. ¬†Plenty of walleye were caught everywhere, just the big females need some time to recoup after spawning. ¬†We have had some very warm weather and the big fish have come to life and fishing is as good as it ever. ¬†More and more 26 plus inch walleyes are being caught and released everyday!

The big pike as well are fast and furious at times with plenty of big ones being caught.  Many 38-41 inch pike have been caught at all the camps.  Some of our first time guests commented that they caught so many pike some days that they actually had to take a break because they were getting tired.  There has been a few reports of landing big pike t-boned on small pike!  They are feeding heavy!


Cherrington has been the busiest camp so far.  We have had a number of groups fish there recently and everyone has had a blast.  Here are some pictures from the Hnetynka party.  They had a mixture of weather but had a blast and caught lots!

john blog

john blog

john blog

john blog

One of our longest running groups of guests are the Seal/Hansen party.  They count down the days each year until they get to return to the bush.  Fishing this year was great along with the weather during our opening week.  Here is Mike with a 38 inch pike he caught and released on his stay at Loree Lake.

john blog

These fish didn’t get released……

john blog

We always love our first time flyin guys.  The Mainor party made their first trip to the bush and came out with huge smiles.  Time spent in the silence of the north is special and we love to see the reactions.  Plenty of people recently had never caught a walleye in their life and checked that off their list many times over!!

john blog

john blog

The Thornhill family made their second trip to Cherrington and caught more fish and bigger fish than they did last trip with more experience on the lake.

john blog

john blog

The Peterson guys went to Blackbirch for their third trip to that lake. ¬† Normally they like the late summer but this year they tried the spring. ¬†They caught some big ones. ¬†Here is a big pike they caught this week. ¬†Looks like the blackflies must have found them…..

john blog

We continue to make people happy and show them some fantastic fishing.  Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.  If you are still looking for a trip please let us know, we have a few scattered holes still left.


Now if this weather would just get better so I can start my day!!!

It begins again!!

john blog

2017 is underway!!!  We have flown quite a few fishermen into the bush and the silence of a long winter will be broken by the sounds of laughter and reels buzzing.  Our ice out was not as early up north as it was around Red Lake.  The ice left most of our lakes up north around the 7th or 8th of May we think.  We began opening camps on May the 9th and were ice free as we made the rounds to each camp to get it ready for a busy summer.

Water levels on all of our lakes seems to be just perfect.  Not too high but not low either.  Today as I write this we are getting rain in the Red Lake area but not up north.  The seasonal forecast is for a warm dry summer so it is nice to start out the season with plenty of water.  Lets hope for some timely rains to keep the forest fires at bay and the fire ban off.

We have only had one group of fishermen come out so far who were on a 3 day trip to BlackBirch. ¬†Lots of walleyes near the in flows of water but as of yet they haven`t spawned. ¬†Big Pike were coming alive as well. ¬†A 36 inch pike was the biggest with a monster on that could not even be lifted off the bottom. ¬†The water is warming up….

Of course my flying partner Dustee had to come along and protect us while we were opening camps. ¬†At Loree lake, a Marmot hole had her busy for a day and a half. ¬†She dug this crater and then slept beside it all day, that night and never moved from that spot until we left the next day. ¬†She didn’t win this time…

john blog john blog

We had fairly good weather for opening camps this year.  Cloudy for the first few days but just the perfect temperature for working so we were able to put in some long days and get stuff done.

john blog

Of course we didn’t work until dark every night. ¬†Jerrica, a girl I have coached since she was 3 and is now in College playing hockey, helped us open camps this year. ¬†She is a good fisherman and caught way more than enough fish for a fish fry right off the dock at Cherrington!

john blog

One of our dockhands, Josh, is from Newfoundland. ¬†They don’t get much sun there…He was being burnt to a crisp so I had to figure out a way to keep him going when the weather turned hot for a couple days. ¬†It wasn’t pretty but it kept his neck from burning any worse.

john blog

Spending time in the bush is special.  The silence and pristine environment are certainly therapeutic.

john blog

Our summer is pretty full this year but we do have a few holes to fill. ¬†Here are some dates for you to think about if you haven’t booked your summer vacation. Please email or call us at 807-735-9968 to inquire about one of these dates.

Loree Lake  June 16-20

Cobham River July 27 – August 1

Vee Lake August 7-11

BlackBirch Lake August 17-22

Cobham River August 26-31

Cobham Daniel September 2-7

Jeanette Lake August 11-14


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