Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

The Monsters are waking up!!

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The most feared fish in the North has been quietly laying in the depths of the icy cold dark waters of the North all winter.  They can sense the longer days approaching and are beginning to stir.  The melt is slowly starting to trickle into the  lakes and the flow of the rivers will soon increase, filling the lakes with fresh water.  Waking up all of the fish from the slowness of winter for a summer of action!

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These beasts are caught photographed and released back into the water to continue their life in this pristine environment.  We ask our guests to treat these trophies as such.  A great old fish that has been growing at a much slower rate then those of warmer climates, perhaps being caught more than once in its lifetime and surviving to exist and grow larger passing their genes onto many generations keeping the gene pool healthy and strong.

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If you want to experience the best fishing of your life in a place you will never forget, plan your next vacation with us.

May Special

If you want to catch walleye as fast as you can get your hook in the water and hook Giant Pike in shallow weedy bays, The end of May is a great time to go fishing. We have a few dates open that we would like to fill with eager fishermen.

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These are just a couple of the beautiful fish that were caught and released last spring. This year I am anticipating an early spring so fishing during the times we have available will be FANTASTIC!!!

Special Offer

Bring 6 fishermen for the price of 4

Have a look at the dates listed below and get your friends together!  4 regular priced fishermen and bring 2 more free on these dates listed below.

Dark Water Lake May 31- June 5

Shearstone Lake May 23-30

BlackBirch Lake May 26-June 1

Vee Lake May 26-June 1

Cobham Morley May 24-30

Click here to sign up for the best fishing of your life!


The best walleye fishing anywhere.

Amik Outposts walleye fishing is second to none!  Our pristine lakes have all of the requirements it takes to have world class walleye fishing.  Our camps are located far from civilization deep in the boreal forest.  All of our lakes have just the perfect mixture of weed beds to deep water near awesome walleye structure.  Many reefs and points on bodies of water that resemble more of a widening of the river than a lake.  The Canadian Shield provides a perfect backdrop for such a watereshed that originates in our area and flows towards Hudson’s Bay.  Unlike many outpost lakes further south that were the first outpost lakes in the 50′s, most of our lakes have only been open to outside fishermen since the 1990′s.

The most important piece of the puzzle to having trophy fishing?  An unharmed gene pool!  Since Amik Outposts has been the only outfitter to operate on almost all of our lakes, we have been able to strongly enforce our catch and release program on bodies of water where the gene pool has never been harmed.  A trophy fish grows slowly this far north and fishing this awesome is a resource that needs to be managed closely and cherished.  We feel we are the stewards of these pristine lakes.  We do our best to educate our guests on how to handle trophy fish so that each trophy can be released back into the water unharmed.  Many times has a trophy fish with identifiable markings been caught, photographed, released, and caught the next week and released again!  Exceptional fishing is what we have at Amik Outposts, exceptional fishing is something we will have forever.

There are not many places left on Earth where you can experience such beauty and terrific fishing with the comforts we provide.  You may come for the best fishing of your life, you will leave with much more than fish stories.

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This isn’t the biggest fish I caught last year but this was my first one of the season.  A 22 incher

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cherrington 2014


The best fishermen in the North.  The eagles up there are keen on our guests.  Following along as they fish, just waiting for one of the released fish to make a wrong move.  Then it is lunch time!

blackbirch 2014

Turning the corner

We have had a very easy winter in the North.  We have had some cold weather  but we have also had some warm weather every once in awhile.  The snowfall is also light this year!  We went from the coldest, dirtiest winter in 150 years to an enjoyable one.  We can still get a ton of snow in February and March but right now it won’t take much for spring to walk through the door.

My brother and I are perch fishing now out on Lake Manitoba.  After a few poor seasons, this year we have actually found some good fishing.  We are working long days but we don’t mind, work has been bred into us.  This week we sent over 1500 pounds of fresh caught perch to market!  That is a lot of fish.


The 1954 Bombardier cannot be replaced. My brother Jamie has made many modifications to the old girl including a hydraulic ice auger which is large enough to fit the Jigger down the hole for setting nets through 3.5 feet of ice.

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The perch are big this year.

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The winter has been pleasant but there is usually a wind.

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Dustee loves it out on the lake. Although we never see anyone, she is always on the lookout.

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This is a Goldeye. We only catch one or 2 a year. They taste awesome and this toothy tongued fish is headed to the smoker in the spring!

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Once the time starts to come back it moves fast! A month ago it was dark at 4:30 and now the sun is up until after 5:30. 3 months and we will be back in the air!!!


Do you want to catch a Trophy Fish?

How many fishing trips have you been on where the fishing, the outfitter, or the accommodations did not meet your expectations.  Amik Outposts takes pride in making sure that you have a great fishing vacation whether it is your first trip or your 40th one.  We are a small owner/operator company where even the smallest details of your trip will be handled professionally and courteously.  The accommodations are not extravagantly fancy, they are well planned, up to date with lots of fridge/freezer space, comfortable beds, couches and enough space for your party to stretch out and relax.

We know you are on a fishing trip and will spend many hours on the water enjoying the beautiful scenery in an area of Canada that has remained untouched since the beginning of time.  The fishing also has remained untouched since the beginning of time.  Unlike many lakes further south that were being used as outposts for 50 years during a time when everyone took home a limit of 6-8 walleye and 6-8 pike, all trophies, most of our lakes were opened up in the early 90′s and have had a conservation policy in place since that day.  Our gene pool is healthy and the fishing is as good as it gets.  Just look around our website, our pictures are from last season on all of the pages.

Here are some of the beauties caught and released last summer.

Dark water 2014

findlay 2014


Findlay 2014

Daniel 2014

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morley 2014

Available dates for 2015

Happy New Year!

We here at Amik Outposts are always striving to show you the best fishing vacation experience possible and this year will be no exception.

If you are heading to the Sportshows in search of a Canadian Flyin Fishing Trip with Amik Outposts, you will not see us there.  We attribute this to our awesome website, fabulous return clientele who give us many word of mouth referrals, and the best fishing experience of your life!  So save yourself some money and time and give us a call or drop us an email to book your next trip.  If you have been to the show, heard the spiel and looked at other outfitters outdated pictures, look through our website and compare apples to apples.  Our camps and equipment are well maintained, we fly our own aircraft and the Trophy Fish you see on our website have all been Caught and Released in the last couple couple of years.  Put yourself in these pictures next season!

Here are some available dates for 2015:

Dark Water Lake

May 30-June 5

July 23-27

Jeanette Lake

July 10-15

August 7-12

Shearstone Lake

June 21-26

August 3-8

Loree Lake

July 14-19

Findlay Lake

June 26- July 3

Blackbirch Lake

June 20-26

July 22-25

Vee Lake

July 1-5

Cobham Morley

July 3-6

August 16-22

Cobham Daniel

July 6-13

August 6-9

Cobham River

August 22-28

Please keep in mind our schedule is always changing and we have other dates available.  Please send us an email with your specific dates you want and we will let you know what we have available.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Amik Outposts.   We hope you take some time to spend with friends and family this holiday season.

Even the Big guy himself fishes with Amik Outposts.

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If you start to make plans for a summer vacation during the holidays please feel free to send us an email inquiring about dates for next season.

Your next vacation starts here!


Winter has settled in.

Fall is distant memory and winter has settled in.  Our deer season here was something not even worth mentioning.  Our deer heard in much of Manitoba took 2 years of harsh winters and this year I saw only a handful of deer, nothing close to being a shooter.  Lets hope next year is better.

Where we are in Manitoba, we do not have much snow yet but it has been cold.  We have seen many nights of -25 or colder already.  The lake is frozen and within two and a half weeks we already have 20 inches of ice!  My brother and I have been fishing on the lake and I have started trapping on the side.  Catching weasels, mink, pine martin, fishers, coyotes and foxes, I consider myself fortunate to be able to do what I love in the outdoors each and everyday.

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The Ice makes some interesting formations as the wind blows the water up on shore during the freeze up.

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We are feeding the masses with walleye, pike, whitefish, and even the suckers!

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Everyone always asks, “how do you get the net under the ice?” This is the “jigger”.  It has magnetic switches inside and when you touch the back with a magnet it turns on, when it has gone far enough you jerk the line and another magnet turns it off.  Then go find it, cut a hole and pull the net under the water.

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My pal Dustee has been back out there too. She feels right at home out on the lake.

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You can’t work all day if you don’t start in the morning!

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Trapping has been in my blood since I was born. My family came to Canada in the early 1900′s and we grew up farmers, fishermen, and trappers. Here is my buddy the Pine Martin.

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In the past few years we have been getting more Otters living along the lake and I have finally figured out how to catch them. They have beautiful short fur and are a wiley animal.


We sent out our Fall Newsletter recently, if you did not receive it by email please sign up on our website.  Here is the link to our 2014 Year in Review

Moose hunting Video

The last video from this season is ready to go.  This bull traveled a long ways to be on film and was determined to get downwind of us but we were fortunate enough to get a shot.  It is a long one as we could see him the whole time circling us.  Watch it in HD full screen to get the full effect

YouTube Preview Image

Moose hunting 2014

Moose season 2014 is done.  This year was a great one.  We had a large variety of weather throughout our 3 weeks of hunting as always. During the first week we had sunshine and temperatures that must have reached 80 on Wednesday.  The second week brought cooler temperatures and snow late in the week.  The third week continued to take us deeper into fall with snow on the ground every morning.  Overall it was good hunting weather with a few windows of opportunity to get close to those majestic beasts.

I always say that moose hunting is never easy….  except for this one time.  On the first morning of hunting with 2 guys named Mike, it was easy.  It was a perfect morning for calling and we got out there early, in our spot just as daylight arrived.  As the sun rose, so did a bull moose, coming right in as I wish they would every time I call.  He grunted all the way in giving the hunters a great experience, getting louder with each step he took closer to us.  Stepping out of the bush onto the shoreline 125 yards from us, presenting himself with the sun shining bright on him.  He glistened in the sun continuing down the shore towards us.

When he finally stopped, nothing needed to be said, the Mikes knew what to do.  Not too many times have I had it that easy.  After our celebration, getting the moose up on shore, we were just getting out the knives and we heard another one!

We had to move down the shoreline a ways to get into position and we knew it would be a longer shot but the guys had good rests.  I called a few more times and there he was 300 yards down the shore moving closer to us with the ever increasing wind in our favour.  Once he reached 220 yards he stopped and gave the boys a perfect shot.

Never before in my career have I ever been done guiding a hunt that quick.  Luckily we had this opportunity early in the week because as the week moved on the temperatures and wind went up and hunting would have been very tough.

It was awesome.  The videos of these 2 bulls are at the bottom of the page.  Watch it in a quiet place and adjust your settings on the video to 720 HD.  Enjoy.

john blog

john blog

john blog

Also hunting the first week were some unguided guys who were hunting moose for the first time.  Dustin, Nate and Bruce are good hunters.  They scouted, found some spots to hunt and had patience.  Each hunter saw moose and gained valuable experience for the next hunt.  The successful one of the group was Dustin who called in this Monster Bull Moose.

john blog

He said it came out 10 yards away and he shot it at 35 yards.  Needless to say he was pretty thrilled to experience such a close encounter.  They also now know how much work it is to get one of these animals back to camp!

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The second week brought us snow and wind.  I knew that this week was going to bring some action whenever the wind went down.

We had both guided and unguided hunts out during that week and Ralph K. was patient enough to take a bull moose during his hunt.  He saw a cow during his hunt the day before and knew if he stayed close to her a bull would show up.  He sat in the same area again and out came a bull on the second last day of the hunt.

john blog

“I can’t say enough great things about your business. The outpost was fantastic beyond my expectations, the fishing was amazing and the moose hunting was both challenging and rewarding.

 You guys are the best!

 I am trying to put together a fishing trip for next summer. Hope to see you then.



During the 2nd week I was guiding an experienced moose hunter Jerry.  He has shot lots of moose with us and knows how hard it can be to get close to one.  We battled the wind for most of the week and got closer and closer to moose everyday but just couldn’t get them to talk.  As Friday approached it got colder but the wind was subsiding a bit.  We hunted in an area that we had never shot any moose but had some fresh sign in the area.  We arrived before daylight and called until 9 am not hearing any answers until Jerry said he heard a cow call back from behind us, so we sat and waited. And then I could hear a swishing sound coming towards us, as I turned my head, a bull looked right at me from 40 yards away and jumped.  Jerry heard him move and made a perfect shot when he stopped 50 yards away.  Every moose hunt is different and challenging.  Always rewarding.

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Dustee cleans the head to perfection.  She does an amazing job of cleaning all the meat and sinew from the skull plate.

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Of course Jerry got to wear the coveted moose hat!

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It feels great to wake up after you are tagged out to a layer of snow and wind that you don’t have to hunt in.  Your only concern is to have another coffee and keep the fire going.

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Heading into the 3rd week of hunting Bruce and Janet were our last customers of the season as they were last year and we came up short on harvesting a moose.  This year we were determined to have a different outcome.  Snow on the ground but still very unsettled weather continued everyday.  Lots of wind and snow showers.  On Tuesday we had a break as the eye of the low pressure must have been over us.  We had calm weather, fog, and snow periodically as I called quietly waiting for an answer.

john blog

Around 11am, we decided to move to the top of a ridge  to call for the afternoon and glass the hills around us in the old burn.  Around 1 in the afternoon Janet spotted a bull over a mile away from us.  It was unmistakeable, 2 big white palms and a coal black figure in the distance.  He slowly started to make his way towards us down the ridge.  We had all day.

He disappeared into the valley and I kept calling quietly.  We didn’t know if he would show up or where we would see him next.  The wind was blowing hard enough that our hearing up on the ridge was hampered. We were also getting hammered with heavy snow showers every 10 minutes.  Sounds fun eh?

And then there he was, off to our left. He grunted once and kept moving.  He was in sight for 16 minutes as he slowly made  his way downwind of us.  Through the bog he slowly made his way around us, staying out 300-400 yards almost disappearing in the snow, but I kept a close eye on him.   He was determined to get downwind and we had to adjust at the last minute as Bruce couldn’t see him from where he was sitting.  We moved and Bruce used my shoulder as a rest to see over the trees and hold steady on the moose who had showed himself 125 yards from us.  Obviously the rest worked and Bruce took the 40 inch bull down with one shot!

john blog

john blog

And after an all day haul from the other side of the ridge though the burn we got the moose back to camp at dark.  Having a late supper, a few cocktails, it is nice to wake up to a snow storm that you do not have to go out in!  The meat was hung in the shed cooling down and the cabin was warm.

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Dustee didn’t eat much dog food this fall.  Moose meat tastes much better.

john blog

The video of this last hunt will be done shortly.  It turned out great!  Keep watching for it.

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YouTube Preview Image

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