Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

A Beautiful Fall

It has been a great fall here in Canada.  It should shorten our winter nicely.  The temperatures are just starting to stay around freezing for the first time and we haven’t had snow yet, just some flurries.  It has made for great weather to get stuff done outside.  Stuff out side meaning hunting!!  I hope everyone else is doing the same thing.

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It’s Over…..

Another season is over.  It is always bitter sweet to see another season come to a close.  But as the weather changes into winter, Mother Nature is pushing us out the door.  The Otter will be put away for a much deserved break this week and Rena and I will be back on the Prairies soon.  2016 was a great year, Thank you to all of our awesome guests who made the trip up to Red Lake this summer.  If you do not receive our newsletter, please sign up by clicking here.  We will be sending out our end of season newsletter soon.

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Moose Hunting 2016

Hunting moose is no easy undertaking.  2016 was no different.  We tried to delay our hunt to coincide with the moon cycles to be closer to the rut and stay away from some of the warmer windy weather we sometimes have during an early moose hunt.  There was lots of moose action right from the first night of the hunt.  I have moose hunted for 23 years and have seen many different things, the rut seems to be hard and fast or long and drawn out.  This year it was long and drawn out.  The moose would rut 2-3 days a week, depending on weather,  You had to be in the right place at the right time, and had to make the right calls at the right time.  I believe the rut is still going on and the cows were not receptive to the bulls until we were done our hunt.  I always say, “These damn moose don’t go by the calendar!!!!

During the first week we had only 2 guided hunts taking place and on the first night one of our hunters got his opportunity(which during moose hunting, sometimes that’s all you get) A big bull came right to the call but it was a difficult shot and he missed.  Then the rain came….. for 3 days.  It was brutal rain and wind that never seemed to end.  After that it went quiet for the rest of the week.

The guy I was guiding had been with us before and had opportunities on his last trip but came up empty.  This time Mike was determined and patient, which was difficult during the 3 days of rain and getting wet each day.  We were diligent.  I know that you just need to keep going.  There has been many times that the last day is the day.  You just need to stay focused and be ready all the time.  Mike was definitely mentally prepared as we headed towards the last day of the hunt.

On the last morning of the hunt, it was perfect!  We were heading to our spot, sneaking in slowly to a spot where we had seen a cow moose alone a couple of days prior in the hopes that a bull was nearby.  This was the sunrise on our way in.

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As we were quietly getting up on the rock to get set up I heard a grunt.  We turned around and Mike said, “There is a moose!”

Then I said, “There is another one!”

A bull was following the cow out into the lake about 300 yards away.  Then the adrenaline kicks in.  Mike trying to find a good rest in a hurry as the moose moved closer to us, trying to determine which was the bull and which was the cow as they came from the shadows into the sun.   At about 250 yards the bull presented a good shot.  Boom!  Miss, but they just stood there.   I could hear Mike breathing hard and I am sure he was shaking like a leaf!  I told him to take his time, take some deep breaths.  Boom! That one hit!  My next words are always the same! “Keep Going!”  Then the shooting gallery began.  2 more shots all hitting the moose at 230-225 yards!  The bull moved up to the shoreline and disappeared!!!!  Neither one of us saw him go down as we were trying to find bullets to reload.

The next 45 minutes were excruciating!  Waiting to see if he was still on his feet, listening intently, we never heard a sound.  We figured he went down but could not say for sure.  Once we waited long enough we went over to have a look, ready for him to stand up…

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Last day moose!!!  Patience, persistence paid off.  13 days of hunting and Mike finally got the opportunity he had been waiting for.  And he finally got to wear the fabled moose hat!

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And of course Inside Loins for supper!!  Along with a little Jagermeister!

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The second week of our hunt proved to be just as difficult but provided multiple opportunities.  We had 4 groups of hunters out and the action happened early in the week on some lakes and all week on others.

Our hunters on Findlay  lake were first time moose hunters and were excited as school boys on the way in.  Nick, who knows Findlay well checked out his first spot for sign.  As he got into the bush, he gave out his first moose call ever…  Then he heard a grunt and sticks break about 80 yards away!  He could make a out a huge bull moving through the bush towards him.  Let the leg shaking begin!!!  He called again and the bull kept grunting and moving closer, Nick said he was shaking so much he could hardly stand it.  The bull moved within 30 yards of him and stopped behind some thick cover so he waited…..  He never heard the moose again.  He was gone like ghost.  It is hard to believe how they can do that but believe me it happens.

They had more action the next morning in the same spot seeing a bull moving in the bush but never fully showing himself to get a shot.  As well during the week they were close to more moose, coming back to the boat after hunting all day and seeing fresh moose tracks right by the boat that were not there when they went in.  They learned a lot and I think they have the bug, they will be back to hunt those black monsters again!

Our unguided hunters at Shearstone Lake had been with us 2 years ago and were successful in harvesting a big bull.  They were back for more.  This year it was Nate’s turn.  Early in the week he was hunting near the cabin, walking in the burn he called all day.  As evening approached and he had not had any answers yet, he grunted very aggressively a few times.  He was right beside a moose.  A grunt and a few thrashes and he stuck his head out down wind from him…..  Just enough to get a shot.  He went down and Nate thought he had a looong haul out but realized he had walked in a half moon and was near the main lake so it turned out to be not so bad.  Here is a beautiful bull.

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I guided Janet whom I guided 3 years ago and had an opportunity that didn’t pan out so she was back for more.  This year was tough.  We heard moose pretty much every day, from 20 minutes of grunting and not moving any closer to one to three grunts as well as a few cows calling.  One day we had something right beside us moving within a couple hundred yards but would never call back or move any closer.  Like I said earlier it was a long drawn out rut and the moose were in no rush to come out in to the open.  The weather was very warm which also drags out the rut.  Janet is alrady making plans to come back next year to chase the wiley moose once again!

It was a great hunt, all our hunters were happy to spend time in the bush.  Moose hunting is tough but so rewarding when you get one.

Here are a few pictures I took from the past couple of weeks in the bush.

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Dustee waits on that rock for 2 hours every night while we are hunting. Waiting for us to bring back the meat! She is as happy as we are when we get a moose!

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And Dustee does her part to help clean the head before it heads to the taxidermist.



Getting ready for winter!

My group wanted to thank you for a great time and trip to Cobham River.    The fish didn’t quite cooperate but a great time none the less.  As the saying goes;  “the worst day of fishing is always better than the best day at work!”.

The largest fish caught were:   27 ½” walleye;    39” Northern.

I have attached a couple photos for the competition.  They are of the same fish but a worthy entry.   I had caught this 30” pike and only after getting it into the boat noted that it had a mouth full of my spoon as well as a 20+”  (estimated) pike hanging out.   It is always amazing to me how they Pike is the apex predator and seems to only live to eat.

We were also treated to a run in with a family of otters, out in the West end.  That was exciting to see and watch.

Thank you again for all of your hospitality.

 Best regards,

 Kevin M.

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Hunting season is right around the corner!!

My favorite time of year is almost upon us.  Moose season.  Our last fishermen of 2016 are in the bush right now and soon the fishing season for us will be done.  Here are a few moose videos to keep you entertained while I am in the bush trying to get our hunters close to this enormous animal!

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image


The Otter

Check out this awesome video of our Otter dropping off some of our guests at BlackBirch Lake!  Thank you to Ryan and his friends for making the trip!

YouTube Preview Image

Winding down.

It is down to the last stretch of our 2016 fishing season.  September is here, the days are short, the leaves are changing and the geese are beginning to move.  Moose hunting is 3 weeks away!!

Until then we still have fishermen to come through our doors in search of the Big Fall Pike and Trophy Walleye who should be fattening up for the upcoming winter.  Fishing has remained constant but remaining in the wide range of depths from 8-28 feet as they have for most of the season.

We are starting to close camps and do work at the camps in preparation for next season.  This is the time of year I like the most. Fall.  The boys and I have been in the bush for a few nights each week working hard all day and catching fish each evening, Having a few beers and playing cribbage.  This week we were at Cherrington, building new boat ramps and other odd jobs around camp.  Here are a few pictures of the new ramps at Cherrington.

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Of course my right hand had to come along.  Dustee was always 10 feet from me, watching me work or hunting mice, chipmunks and whatever else was making noise close by.  She was always nearby except for a hour or two each afternoon she would be gone, always coming back soaking wet, dirty and tired, sleeping away the rest of the day.

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The Broadwater party fished Blackbirch lake recently and had a great time.  Perfect weather and lots of fish! Here are some pictures they shared with us.

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Truly alone…..

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A rare catch but this is even a trophy for a Sucker!!!

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We are continuing to book dates for next year so please do not waste any time in booking yourself a date!  Please click here to inquire about booking for 2017.

Family Time in the Bush is Special

Our family package is becoming more popular.  We love to get emails like this one below from guests who experience true peace and quiet for the first time. Ryan, his dad and the two boys went to Shearstone Lake recently and sent us these pictures and nice email.


I have attached some of our fishing photos to this email.  Brady’s biggest walleye was 27” and Will’s walleye was 26”.  My dad caught one at 25” but didn’t get a picture of it since the camera was at the cabin.  I didn’t get anything bigger than 22”, but I am completely fine with that since I’d rather have my boys catch the big ones.   We did get catch some 30-32” Northern as well while fishing for walleye.  I was keeping a close count on the number of fish we caught, and each boat got at least 40 fish per day and we got 60 fish on our best day.   Of course, we got a lot more bites than that and we also spent a lot of time exploring new fishing spots.

More importantly, this fishing trip gave my dad and me such a wonderful experience to share with my two sons, Will and Brady.   Both boys thanked me every day for taking them on “the best fishing trip of their lives” and told me how much fun they were having.   I addition, I am so thankful that my dad was able to spend so much quality time with his grandsons.   I am very grateful for the family package that Amik offers.

Best Regards,


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The last run at summer.

We are approaching the end of another season.  The summer sure flys by when you are busy.  It is less than a month until we are done with fishermen and in to moose season.  We have had mostly good weather, getting the flying done and happy fishermen moved.  The fish have continued to stay in many different depths depending on the lake.  The Monster walleye are still pretty quiet but the numbers of fish up to 25-26 inches are very good.  The Pike have been becoming more active with the last few groups in the last couple days.  The big ones went on a bit of a lull during the hot weather but the season has started to change and become cooler.

Fall is slowly inching its way in, The Birch trees have started to change.  I saw the first geese heading south by the Cobham the other day.  I am sure we will have some swings from hot to cold in the next month but hopefully it cools off at the right time.  Soon we will be Moose hunting!!

We are starting to spend some time in the bush doing work at the camps in preparation for next year.  We spent a couple nights on the Cobham putting a new roof on the boat house at Daniels as well as some other odd jobs at some of the other camps.  We stayed at Morleys and had perfect weather for 3 days while working/fishing!!!  It felt good to be back in the bush.

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My youngest daughter Maija was visiting so she was able to come up north with us and help out and have some fun.  She can catch almost as many fish as me…. but she did catch the biggest one.  I caught way more fish by not even jigging my hook, just dragging it barely giving it a twitch every so often.

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She wasn’t much help while doing the roof at Daniels though, I had nothing for her to do, so she curled up in the front to read and sleep just like when she was little. :)

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Of course we couldn’t go anywhere without Dustee.  She is the happiest dog in the world when she is in the bush!


My favorite part.  Being the first one up, coffee in hand just sitting staring at the lake.  There is nothing like it.


With the coming of fall we will begin to have the odd delay due to fog.  Usually it is worst in our river here in Red Lake but occasionally we hit it along the way and are forced to land and wait it out.


I usually like to land near the fog, within site so you know when it is time to go again.  On the way to Blackbirch last week we had an unscheduled stop, at a place I had been before, a sand beach at an abandoned camp.  It would be a great place to be if you had to spend the night due to weather versus sleeping in the otter with 6 guys.


The Hanson Family just came out of Jeanette Lake this morning and had an awesome time!  It rained some every day, it was hot and cool, but the fishing was great.  Of course Kaylee, the rookie on the trip, caught the biggest walleye!  Here are some pictures from their family vacation on Jeanette Lake.

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We received this note and picture from one of our guests…..

“That big 1,000 horsepower engine on that Otter eats up high octane fuel, but without the most important part of that plane getting some fuel every now and then, we would all be in big trouble. Johnny Fishguts refueling at 7,500 feet.”

The Ewald Family

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The Championship

We have some of the best guests!  So many people look forward to being up here and countdown the days right from the time they leave our yard until next year.  Many who say, “One week less than a year until I am back!”  So many of our guests have different wagers, contests, making up shirts and other apparel to commemorate their time in the North.  The Clark/Herrington/Bolton guys have been having their Master Angler Awards for a very long time.  We have watched the boys grow up.  James has been fishing with Amik Outposts since he was 8 years old and has 17 years of experience on the Cobham.  Heath has been fishing on the Cobham since he was 11 and is now 21 years old.  They have have grown into fine young men and great fishermen.  All of the guys are standing members of the coveted “40 inch” Club where you need to catch at least a 40 inch Pike to join.

This year James went all out and had a Heavyweight Belt made up for the Angler of the year!


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James was nervous about not winning the belt and having to present it to one of the others for the biggest Pike.  The weather was hot and the fishing was good!  They would walleye fish each day until 10-1030 in the morning, then come in for lunch, have a snooze and a swim, relaxing until 2 or 3 and then hitting the pike all afternoon.  This year they had some nice ones.  James took the Ultimate Prize home with a 40 inch Pike!  He also shared top place in the Walleye Division with a 25 incher, Micheal also caught a 25 inch walleye, so his name will be added to the plaque along side James for 2016.

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The rest of the crew had many honorable mentions during their stay catching 2-37.5 4-36 and 2-35 inch pike and 33 over 30 inches!

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A Few Reminders!!

Photo Contest

Please remember you can’t be win our 2016 photo contest if you don’t enter.  If you have been up with us this year, please send us your best pictures from your recent trip.  They do not always have to be pictures of fish, last years winner was of a cow moose and her two calves.  The winner of the contest which will be hosted on our Facebook page and the photo with the most likes wins.  The prize is $500 per person off of next years flyin fishing trip!

 Please send them to our email address, 

Dates for 2017

We are seeing a high demand for 2017 and would like to remind everyone that if they are interested in fishing with us next season to get your inquiries in soon.  Dates are filling up fast.  Please click here to book your 2017 trip!


Just a friendly reminder to get your deposits in for next season as well.  We can not hold dates without a deposit so if you have a trip booked with us for next season, please send in your $300 per person deposit to secure your date for an awesome adventure!!!


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