Canadian Fly In Fishing
Canadian Fly In Fishing

Great times in the bush!!!

Never before have we had such a history recorded of so many smiles, fish caught and maybe a gallon or two of beer drank in 28 years of fishing trips.  These lifelong friends have made many memories in the bush.  

Thank you to Mike Seal for putting together this collage of pictures depicting their history with us at Amik Outposts.   The pictures pre-date our 25 years with Amik Outposts to the previous owners.  

I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time with these great guys over the years and look forward to the future….


Winter is getting ready to leave….

The days are getting a lot longer and we have finally broke free from the minus 30 celsius at night and minus 20 during the day.  It has started to warm up to slightly above seasonal weather and might see a bit of a melt.  There is lots of ice but as long as spring shows up at somewhat of a normal time we should be in great shape.

Fishing has been pretty decent.  Slowing down in the brutally cold weather but still enough fish to keep us out there doing what we love.  There has been a lot of wind accompanying the cold so there was some days out on the lake where most people would say we are crazy.   It isn’t too bad if you are prepared for it.

Here are a few pictures I have taken lately.

The snow banks are like rocks out there. Forming in a minus 40 windchill, they make some cool designs.

The Crack sent a sheet of ice 3 feet thick, 10 feet tall and probably 30 feet long straight up in the air. The power of the ice is amazing.

Dustee has been out there every day as well. She doesn’t like the windy days either.

Our family relies on walleye year round. I love these guys 🙂

When you see as many fish as we do, you see some pretty weird looking fish. Big Eyezzzz

The end of trapping season is almost here as well. Time to pull up the traps. I caught a few fishers, some coyotes and a mink. Not quite as much as I normally but there has been less snow this year and cold.

Even with little snow, living out in the sticks the on a windy year such as this causes blocked roads. Lets hope March isn’t too snowy and spring will come………


World Class Walleye Fishing!

Having been around the tourist business for the past 25 years, we know who has the best Walleye fishing.  I can honestly say that our lakes would rank right up near the top of the list of Outposts and even fancy Lodges for Quality and Numbers of Walleye.

Our lakes have a great combination of flowing water through deep water lakes.  Mixed with many weed beds , great structure both along the shore and out in the lake.  

These lakes have not been fished nearly as long as most lakes in all of Ontario or Manitoba.  Amik Outposts was created in 1992 and began opening up these lakes for the first time.  Building state of the art solar powered cabins with running water and hot showers.  My Dad, Wayne was the guy who brought it all together and in 1994, Rena and I began our first summer in the business.

Since the very beginning Amik Outposts has had a “No Trophy Policy” meaning that no big fish were to be taken from the lake. Walleye and Pike.  Throughout the past 25 years we have seen the fishing not only stay the same but get even better when in regards to Trophy Fishing!!!  The gene pool is unharmed on our lakes and it shows.  Take a look around our website, all of our pictures are all from the previous season.  Trophy Fish are the norm, not the exception.

We have had fishermen who have fished with many other outfitters, who are experienced fishermen and after fishing our lakes……. have not gone anywhere else!

While every fishermen does not catch a 30 inch walleye their first time out, you will catch more walleyes than you have ever in your life and the average walleye will be larger than you are used to catching.  

If you are looking for an Awesome Flyin Fishing Trip on the Best Walleye lakes in Ontario here are a few dates for you to consider:

Cobham Morley June 22-27, 2018

Vee Lake July 3-8, 2018 

Findlay Lake July 20-25, 2018

BlackBirch Lake, August 11-16, 2018

Cobham River August 18-25, 2018

If you are ready for some awesome fishing and an experience of a lifetime please click here!


The Almighty Northern Pike

The Pike is the most plentiful, resilient, adaptable and aggressive game fish in the world.  They are a blast to fish for and put up a heck of a fight.  Pike are the most sought after trophy fish in Canada and our lakes are full of them. 

In the far North these fish grow at a very slow rate due to the short growing season and the cold water.  Our “No Trophy” policy has ensured that the gene pool will never be harmed and the trophy fish remain in the lake.  Growing bigger and have the chance to be caught again!  We understand that this is a resource that needs to be looked after and we plan on doing just that.  Generations from now the fishing on our lakes should be just as good as it is today!

Catching pike is usually pretty easy.  Casting, trolling or jigging, pike can be caught many ways and they occupy many depths of water depending on the time of year.  Post-spawn is when the large females are the most active and can be caught in shallow water.  Throughout the summer pike can be found near their favorite food source…..walleye.  The majority of trophies are caught on nothing but a jig without a leader!

It is quite common for our fishermen to be fishing for walleyes, catching fish after fish when all the activity in the water draws the attention of a predator….

T-bone attacks are fairly common and sometimes both fish can be landed!  Your hook in the Walleyes mouth and the walleye in the Pikes mouth!  It helps to have a good net man in the boat with you to achieve this feat.

Our 2018 season is coming together nicely.  Please let us know if you would like to start planning a trip.  Please click here to inquire about dates for 2018.

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Are you thinking about summer?

It is the dead of winter and -40 with the windchill in central Canada.  Are you thinking about summer yet?  How about being up north in the wilderness where the only noise you hear is the wind in the trees and loons calling in the distance.  Now is the time to get your date booked for a fishing trip this summer.

We are booking up for 2018 but we have dates scattered here and there throughout our entire season, if you have more specific dates than what you see here, please send us an email and we can let you know what we have available.  Here are a few dates we have available for 2018.  

Loree Lake May 25-30, 2018

Shearstone Lake June 1-8, 2018

DarkWater Lake June 29- July 4, 2018

Cherrington Bay June 16-21, 2018

Vee Lake July 3-8, 2018

Cherrington Point June 26- July 1, 2018

Cobham Morley July 26-31, 2018

Findlay Lake July 1-7, 2018

Jeanette Lake July 14-21, 2018

Shearstone Lake August 3-8, 2018

Blackbirch Lake August 21-25, 2018

Cobham River August 18-25, 2018

Cobham Daniel August 19-26, 2018

Please click here if you would like some more information on these or any other dates we may have.

It has been very cold up here but it is January and we are in Canada!  It has been minus 30 at night and minus 20 during the day, but it is supposed to warm up next week a bit. Here are a few pictures I have taken recently out on Lake Manitoba while we were commercial fishing.

The Sun Dogs come out when it is going to blow.  And it blows a lot!

This is the Jigger.  It is how we get the line beneath the ice to get our nets under there also.  Dustee follows the jigger as it runs under the ice.  It is easy to find when it stops on a bare patch like this.  There is 3 feet of ice already!  Not much snow and lots of cold.

When you see as many fish as we have in our lives you see some pretty strange things.  This is the weirdest pike I have ever seen.  Very unusual markings on this one.

 It may be cold but we get more sunshine than most places in Canada.  The days are getting longer already and the February thaw is not too far away!!


Stay warm and think about your fishing trip this summer……

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of our great guests!  We wish you a great end to 2017 and hope that 2018 will be a great year for everyone.  Rena and I are looking forward to 2018!

It will be the coldest Christmas in our part of the country in 20 years!  It is -31C here this morning and is supposed to  be like this for awhile.  Not a bad time of year to be this cold, it keeps you indoors with your loved ones.  Another nice thing about the weather when it is this cold.  Nothing but sunshine!  I know it’s a small consolation but mentally the sun helps you through the fact that your exposed skin will freeze in less than minute!!! 

Our winter so far though has been mild with not too much snow so far.  The ice on the lake is pushing 24 inches already and we are still catching walleye pretty good.  Almost time to start doing some angling instead of working….

The days are as short as they are going to get!  Just a couple of dark months to get through!

Pictures never do the cracks justice.  The ice is cracking all the time with the expansion and contraction of such a huge lake.  It looks pretty cool but freaks most people out.  Green ice like this is the most solid ice you can get, except you can see through it.  

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Did you get your Big Buck?

December is here and most deer seasons are over.  Hopefully you were able to get a chance at a nice one or at least put some meat in the freezer.  The rut was early in our area, with the main rut going on right after Halloween.  Our deer herd has made a great recovery with numbers back up to decent.  There were lots of medium sized bucks and a few bigger ones on trail cameras in areas that I hunt.  2 bigger bucks were in the same area and I decided not to take the smaller of the 2 and wait for the big one.  Spending quite a bit of time out in the stand,I passed him up a couple of times.  On what seemed to be the day that the big one was going to show up in daylight and big deer came right to my call right at day break.  Looking against the sun it looked like it was him!  Boom.  In the bag and down the chute.

As I walked up to him, he shrunk.  Ha ha ha.  Still a respectable buck and the big one is still out there only to be bigger next year.  Rena is happy I finally put some meat in the freezer!

Our local deer head party is tonight except I don’t have a head to take in.  I left the head outside and the coyotes came in when when Dustee and I were not here and took it away!  

This is who I thought had finally showed up!!!  Next year land again for the big one.

My hunting season was cut short this year because we had a bit of vacationing to do.

I went to the Packers vs Lions game with a bunch of my buddies.  It was a blast even though they lost.  Lots of good times.

From Monday Night Football to a Friday Night Hockey Game in Vegas!!

Winnipeg Jets fans travel like Packer fans!  There was 6-7000 Jets fans in Vegas to watch their team play.  It was very awesome to be a part of the Jets Army for that.  As good as our team has been playing we came up short that night.  But it is Vegas and the boys were there for a couple of days prior.  I expected the loss. 🙂

We have also been getting ready for next year.  The engine from the Otter ran great until the end of the season and we took it off to go for overhaul.  We have another engine waiting to be put on and this one will be back by spring as our spare.  The prop also is heading in for overhaul.   

We already have 12 inches of ice out on Lake Manitoba.  Being a shallow lake it freezes early and the water cools down fast.  On my drive into Ontario, many of the lakes were still open because they are so deep and it takes longer for the water to cool off.  Dustee is back in Heaven,  running miles and miles and eating frozen fish whenever she wants.

The dark cloud over the horizon tells us that the lake is still open in the middle.  We also have a fair bit of current when the wind blows.  Which is all the time on the Prairies!!

Dustee gets tired of the wind sometimes too.  She will find the place out of the wind in the afternoon and have a snooze.  She isn’t a pup anymore, 6-7 miles a day tires her out but she still loves it.  We let her ride on the way in now.


Next year is shaping up great.  Please let us know if you would like dates for 2018.  We are putting the pieces of the puzzle together for another great season.

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Winter has showed up!!

It’s not even Halloween yet but winter has charged through the door full force.  We went from windy, warm and dry to windy, cold and snowy in the last week and it looks like it may be here for good.  This wind has not given up much all fall.

The Whitetails are rutting around here already.  It looks like they will be rutting early this year.  The time to hunt is right away.  Our deer herd is almost back to some decent numbers of bucks around.  After a hard winter a few years ago our herd took a steep decline.  I haven’t shot a deer in a few years but this year I think my hands will be bloody! 

This buck has been passing 75 yards behind my house almost daily.  Hopefully he can stay alive for another couple years.

Winter is here…..

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Another Season is in the Books

Another season has come to a close, the camps are all closed up for the winter and the Otter is put away for a much deserved rest.  We would like to thanks all of our guests who made 2017 a success.  It was a great summer of fishing, and weather.  It’s always bitter sweet to see another season end but the next one can not begin until we go through another winter.  Anyways, the best time of year is upon us.  Hunting season!

Our 2017 moose season was as hard as they come.  We had almost solid wind for 4 weeks straight.  There was only one or two mornings/ evenings each week where the wind actually went down which makes any kind of hunting difficult.  Hunting moose in the vast area we hunt in is extremely difficult even in perfect weather.  For only the second time in our history we were shut out.  No moose.  It wasn’t that we didn’t see moose or have opportunities, it was just more difficult in the windy weather.  We had a a few hunters see moose and not make a decision quick enough to take the shot and  then the shot was gone.  We also had one hunter pass up a small bull early in the hunt….. only to not get another chance at another bull.  Somebody once told me, “Don’t pass up on Monday what you would shoot on Friday”

It is very disappointing to have such a tough year but that is hunting.  The weather plays a huge role in our success and this year it made it hard.  Almost every hunter saw or heard moose but the wind makes them very leary to come out into the open, especially in the daylight.  

I hunted for a few days after the hunters had gone home and had the same luck.  I got close to 2 different bulls but couldn’t get close enough for a shot.  One was within 25 yards in the thick willows and the other came within 100 yards 3 different days but just wouldn’t come out to where I could see him.

The sting of defeat goes away after a few days and then it’s time to focus on next season.  They will be bigger next year.  Moose hunting takes patience, persistence, perseverance and positivity.  Looking forward to next moose hunting season already.

Here are a few pictures I took along the way.

There was plenty of sign of moose around us.  There was a couple places where the rubs were 8 feet in the air.  I think only the real big bulls make rubs like this.

The bull I was close to for the entire hunt made this wallow.  I will connect with him next season…..

The burn leaves behind some neat looking wood.

It was pretty warm during our hunt.   Warm enough for thunderstorms which is uncommon for this late in the year.  We went for this dark sky…..

To this beautiful sunset…..

To getting chased off the lake by the storm as it came back on us, making it back 10 minutes before the downpour!

I was 10 feet away from this bear during the hunt.  I was sitting on the rock about a 1/2 mile from shore and he walked right up to me.  We saw each other at the same time and when I stood up he was gone in a flash.  

Dustee and Scott had a great fall.  Dustee is the perfect bush dog.  She feels like she is protecting us.

Scott is a great worker and very handy.  He put a lot of time and effort into a new boat ramp at Loree Lake.  Skinning and dragging these long straight logs from the island back to camp to build a good solid boat ramp.  This will make it much easier for our guests to get in and out of the boat and for pulling them up at night.

While hunting at the end of the season, I took Dustee one night.  She was perfect, she knew we were hunting and just sat and listened.  And also kept a close eye on the beavers milling around us.

We have also been busy servicing the motors for next season.  We are in good shape motor wise.  Our guests did a pretty good job this year of not hitting rocks and looking after our equipment.  Next year should be another trouble free season.  We are looking forward to 2018!

We would like to remind everyone that all deposit checks are now to be made out to “Lac Seul Airways Ltd”  


Moose Hunting soon…..

It has come to that time of year where we are able to hunt the largest mammal in North America!  I am fortunate to be able to be in the thick of it the entire time each season.  Moose hunting can be a very mentally tough hunt and great patience is required to get close to these monsters most of the time.  Persistence, patience and silence of human noises are all key.  It is so rewarding each and every time you are successful.  Here is a few videos from some past hunts to get you in the mood for hunting season.  They are all videos but it doesn’t show the icon.

As always it is bittersweet to see the season come to an end.  We had a very good season, the weather was perfect for the most part, fishing was awesome as were our guests.  Each and every one had a great time and I would say almost every guest said to us as they left, “We will be back” or “See you next year”.  It makes us feel good to be able to show people a good time in the pristine wilderness.  The fishing is usually the first reason you make the trip to see us but after a trip or two, the fishing becomes a bonus.  Where you are and who you are with becomes the reason you come here.

Scott and I are closing camps as quick as the fishermen are done.  Servicing motors, washing boats and tipping them over, draining water and cleaning up and making notes on what is needed to provide a quality, trouble free trip.  The weather so far has been pretty nice for working, still warm but pleasant.  Nice enough for fishing in the evening.  Here is a Monster Walleye Scott caught while we were working at the Cobham. 30.75 inches!

We have also been working hard during the day.  The dock at Cobham Daniel is almost done, the roof at Blackbirch has been replaced, outhouse holes have been dug and some new boardwalks and fish cleaning tables have been built.   Here are a few pictures from our trips to the north recently.

The Daniels dock has been on my list for a long time but the water has not gotten low enough to do it properly until this year.  We had to start fresh for most of it but at least we didn’t have to find too many new rocks to put into the cribs.

Ripping apart the old cribs wasn’t too hard and then we got to have a nice all day fire…

It is much easier to work with a new crib.  We are heading up north again soon to finish the rest of it but it is coming along great.

We also spent some time at Blackbirch putting on a new roof.  We had some perfect weather for roofing.  It was windy but warm and sunny.  We had 3 guys and lots of time.  We were able to get it done in a day and a half and also get some fishing done in the process.

Reminder!!!  ALL deposit checks are to be made payable to “Lac Seul Airways Ltd.”  

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