Bruce has been in the Remote Fly-in Tourism business since the early 1970’s, when he and his former partner, Vic Davis, started Northern Wilderness Outfitters out of Ft. Frances, Ontario. With 32 years of bush flying experience, Bruce closely monitors the day-to-day operations with a priority on flight safety to and from the camps. After retiring for a 9-year period to spend time with his family, Bruce purchased Lac Seul Airways in 1998 and Amik Outposts in 2000. Debbie owns Canadian Fly In Fishing, the U.S. booking company. Her office takes and coordinates reservation requests in inquiries.

John and Rena were associated with Amik Outposts, as John’s parents had been the former owners. John presently flies the 1000 h.p. Otter, is the Chief pilot and takes care of most of the maintenance of the camps. Rena is the summer Office Manager and the Operations Manager at the Lac Seul Airbase. She works closely with Bruce and John coordinating all aspects of the operation. John and Rena both do Sports Shows in the various cities through out the winter.

Our Fishing Philosophy—
It is the belief and philosophy of the owners and managers of Amik Outposts that we protect the fisheries of the lakes we operate on for the following reasons:

  1. It is the right and ethical thing to do.
  2. It makes good business sense.
  3. It promotes and establishes quality fishing for future generations.
  4. It gives the owners and managers peace of mind that they are not using up a renewable resource but instead establishing a program that will continue the longevity of the renewable resource forever.

If this is contrary to your beliefs of fishing maybe you should take the time to think about fishing with us because we expect that our guests will follow not only the Ontario regulations but also our camp regulations and no trophy policy.

Bruce, Debbie, John and Rena have the experience necessary to know what it takes to keep guests returning year after year. One, if not all of us are at the air base to greet you before you depart on your trip with us, and to see you when you return to make sure you’ve had a great trip.